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Dear Family My name is R., I live in a city on north Italy. I' am a normal girl, I like travelling a lot and learning new things every day. I'm sociable, outgoing and I like beeing around people expetially if they are nice, I have a character that easly adapt. I love coocking mostly sweets, so if you'll alow me i'll cook fot you or we can cook together (obviously if i will not have to do homework or studying). I'm not a sporty person, but i like walking on nature or doing new activities, because I care about my health. So I go to the gym three times a week, now I'm doing boxing but in the past I did many sports... as volleyball, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, horse riding, tap ( I liked it, but the place was closing so I did only a lesson). Also to all these sports, a year, when I was in the fourth year of primary school I went to a sing course and with the teacher's help, we wrote a song, which name is " S. Innamorata(- in love)". I have been doing theatre for many years, at first in slovenian language and four years ago I've started with an italian company. My free time is dedicated for English MSA videos or other movies, to decoupage on wood and to preparation of cakes and sweets. I'm a bit sensible on the climate change, excess of food thrown away, pollution in general... so I try to do my best doing the waste sorting, I do not throw garbage on streets, If I see some plastic in the sea and I can take it... I do so. I'm open for new experiences. I can accept the defferences and diversities, without any problems, because I'm a person who respect others. My family here in Italy consists of a mother, a father and a brother. We all are in a good relationship, we talk a lot and confronts ourselfs. Every week day we woke up nearly all the same hour so we eat the breakfast together and we eat dinner together too, while at lunches we eat separately. I can tell everything to my mum, she always supports me and tell me the truth. She is always sincere maybe too much, but she is right. In the mornings we walk together for a piece of road than i go to school and she goes at her work. My dad it's a little bit more cold with me, but I know he loves me. He is really generous especially when we travel, he's always there for offer us and to our friends too, I think he took this side from my grandma, his mother. My brother is E. We don't talk much but we have a good relationship. Sometimes we play pillow fights, other times we play our wii or board games... In winter we don't talk much, but when I have problems with math or chemistry he is always there to help me and I'll be always there to help him. In summer we mostly stay together as we go to the same campsite every year. Since our parents have work 30 minutes from the campsite, we stay all day together and we have to organize lunches ourselves, so we help each other. I love my family, I'm really grateful and I know that I'm really lucky to being in it. Thank you R.

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