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Dear family, I'm F, I live in a small country in the Italian countryside, not far from the coast. I'm currently attending the 3rd year at high school getting my specialization in foreign languages and scientific subjects, as in the future I dream of becoming a doctor. I'd also like to attend University abroad, as I think I will have more opportunity to get a high quality education. This is one of the reasons that made me decide to spend one school year abroad, and hopefully I will also get a double diploma that may help me fullfilling this dream. But even if it wouldn't be possible, I'm sure the experience will be extremely important for my personal growth. In my free time I really like playing volleyball (I'm a setter) and listening to music, especially rap and hip hop. I love attending concerts and supporting my favourite volleyball team. I can define myself as a really open-minded, responsible, autonomous and indipendent guy; I'm also friendly and talkative. I really like speaking foreign lenguages and obviously at school my favourite subjects are English, German and French: i'm really keen on them! I live just with my mum, because my father died, but I was living only with her even before that, because they were separated. I have a special relationship with her , we talk about everything, even if we have 2 very different characters. She taught me to become independent and open minded, curious and open towards different cultures. She had a school of Italian for foreigners who want to study our language and culture, and as I spent much of my time in this context, I felt I wanted to do a similar experience in my life. I'm sure it's a great opportunity to live in another culture and to learn new habits. I'm extremely thankful to have the chance to become a member of your family for a while, and I also hope to remain in touch for the future! I offer my suppor in every necessary household chores as I use to help my mum, too, and If you want to taste some Italian food I may cook something for you, as I can prepare some good meals. My specialty is pasta alla carbonara! I am also good with pets, I have a dog, B., that's a real member of the family... I know I'm going to miss him a lot. I also hope to make new friends in my new school, I know I will need their support to learn how an American teenager lives. I usually don't have any problem making new friends, but I know that the American school life is very different from ours, so I expect it may be different from my past experience. Notwithstanding, I'm aeger to live soon this experience, and hopefully also the sport will be the occasion to meet new friends. I'd love to have the chance to join a volleyball team, I hope my school will have one! But if not, I will surely find another sport or another occasion to spend time with friends, I'm open to all possibilities, even those I cannot imagine now - unforseenable events are parts of life! I would also tell you, my future host family, how grateful I am for the opportunity you're giving me, it will be a pleasure to meet you soon, and I will do my best to reward you with my best behaviour and support, I promise! Looking forward to meeting you soon, Kindest regards F.

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Italian (native), English (10+ years), German (2 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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