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Dear my future host family, Hello, you can call me "Kamil" for short. Usually when I go to school my mom will ride motorcycle and drop me off. There are 6 members in my family, which are my father, my mother, my two older sisters, my little brother and me. I'm the third daughter in my family. My dad has own two restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand, my mom is a housewife. I and my brother still a full time student, but both of my sisters are working. My oldest sister is a translator and my second sister is a graphic designer. Oh! And my family also have three parrots too, they're very lively and cute. I don’t think I have any allergies after living for sixteen years of my life. In my family, we always have a vacation at least once a month, my mom loves to take us on a trip and that's how I start to love travelling, from city to city, from state to state, now from Thailand to America! I always going out with my friends or my family to try new food all the time, that's my another hobby. So, I starting to love music since I was in 3rd Grade and that is the reason why I joined the school band till today. I also love watching the movies, my favorite of all time is Hunger Game. I love going out with friends but I also can lay down and watching TV all day on the weekend too. I would consider my self as a fast-learner, very active, friendly and positive. I can learn a lot of things in a short period of time, when I learned something, I also love to share it with my friends and family, for me that's how you make more memories! I'm a half Thai-Chinese, I would love to share them Thai-Chinese food or any kind of Asian food! like sweet-and-sour fried fish or Ha-Gao and my favorite of all time is my mom’s egg fried rice that’s why if I can choose anything to share with my American Host family and friends I will show them Asian Food. Not just Asian is my race but I also think the best way to describe or show other people where we came from is food. In my daily life, I always try to find new thing to learn, sometime new stuff it doesn't turn out easy like how I think it's gonna be, but give up it's not in my dictionary, so I always keep try and try! At my house we don’t have a strict chores to do but it’s kind of we all just do it to help each other not because we being forced to do it. I usually take care of our birds but when my mom need help with house work I can do almost all of it like mopping and sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, setting up table or sometimes I help her cook dinner! So hen I go to America I will learn how to cook your national food so when I come back I will cook it’s for my family too. If you still read this letter, I would love to let you to know that I can't wait to get to know you, to see you and make memories together! Thank you for considered me to be a part of your family!

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Hataichanok (27) Manaschanok (24) Chipchanok (13)

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