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Dear host family, Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend a semester with you and your family. I am grateful and happy to participate in the exchange program and I am looking forward to the new experience. With this letter I would like to tell vou about me and my life. My friends describe me as a very friendly and helpful person. Everyone of my friends can come to me and tell me about their problems and I’m always there when they need me. I am very open and can adjust to new situations easily. Of course I go to school every morning and I enjoy spending time with my friends there. But it's also important for me to be a good student who receives, good grades at school and be respectful. In my free time I love to play sports. I'm interested in several kinds of sports. One of my favourite sports is soccer. I really like to play soccer with my team or practicing on my own but it's also nice to watch soccer matches on TV or in a stadium. Another sport I really like is skiing. Close to my home town there are some mountains were me and my family, so skiing every winter. Besides soccer and sking I also like swimming. Every summer I go with some friends to a lake close to my home town to chill and swim there. In my free time it's also nice to hang out with friends, go shopping with them, have a sleepover or bake muffins, cakes and cupcakes. There is one more thing I really like: Animals! My favourite animals are dogs and cats. My family has a cat. Her name is Lucy and she’s so cute! I love spending time with her like chilling on the sofa or playing with her. Every evening she waits in front of my door to go to bed with me. Because I love animals so much I decided to become a vegetarian. But I don't mind if others eat meat and I'm also not a picky eater. Besides my parents and my cat I also have a brother. His name is Ben and heis 17 years old. He has already participated in this program and he told me about his amazing experience. With my family, I often spend time with all different kinds of outdoor activities like skiing , hiking or visiting a park and I would be happy if we could try some outdoor activities together, too. I also think of going shopping in one of the big cities if it's possible but of course, I am very open to any new idea. I hope you got an impression of my life and what I am interested in. l'm really excited to meet you and get to know you personally and learn about your way of living. Yours Lina

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German (native), English (6 years), French (6 years)



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Ben (17)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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