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Dear Host Family, Thank you for taking the time to read my letter that I wrote. Next year I would hope to be in a warm and nice family, maybe yours who knows. But first, let me introduce myself so you get to know me a little better :). I think that I’m a creative person, I like to paint and draw nature, like flowers and I like hand lettering. Hand lettering is using different fonts to make a text look more interesting and beautiful. Another hobby of mine is that I like doing outside activities like going on a walk in the forest or mountain biking. The nature makes me really calm and i love to be in it. Another reason why I love it so much is because when I'm walking or cycling i can think and come to rest and I don't have to stress about lots of things. I live in a small village where I know a lot of people. My school is in a big city, so I must travel with the bus to get to school. I am a really social girl and i love to meet new people and to make new friends. That's also part of the reason why I want to go to America. Because I want to meet new people and discover new cultures and places. A High School year in America seems like a great opportunity to do this! I would really like to learn you more about my country (The Netherlands) too, by learning you my traditions like how I celebrate Christmas and what we eat mostly here in our country. Currently I’m living with my mom, dad, brother, and my dog Lola (she is a labradoodle). Every weekday I wake up in the morning to go to school, most of the time my school starts at 9 am and ends at 05:00 pm. When I get home, I eat dinner with my family and after that I do my homework. When my homework is finished, I watch a show on Netflix or watch some YouTube, then after that I make myself ready and go to bed. In the weekends it’s a little bit different, then I don’t go to school so mostly sleep out to around 10 am and over the day I do my hobby’s that I already told you about. Sometimes in the weekends I also must work at my job. In the evenings I mostly like to hang out with my friends. For my High School year, I am looking most forward to meeting new people, getting to experience the differences in the school and finding new things I like. I really like challenges and finding new experiences. I am grateful I get to have the chance to do something like this and I am looking forward to meeting you! I hope this is enough information for now and I hope you will welcome me in your house! With kind regards, Lotte

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Janno (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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