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Dear Host Family, I am really glad with you for willing me to participate in the exchange program and accepting me to live with you. I am a Mexican girl, I´m on 10th grade.I speak spanish and my level on english is advanced. I am so excited of the opportunity of going to the United States, explore, learn new things and experiences. I am so glad that you are willing to receive me at your home and take care of me because it´s a huge responsability to take but Im sure it is really worth and we will get along really easily, I am a very flexible and open minded girl, sensible, caring and I adapt myself in every occasion, at first I can be shy but as soon as we start talking and sharing our culture and interests, I´m pretty sure that we both will feel comfortable with each other. I look forward to becoming fluent in english, participate in school activities, make new friends and meet new places. My interests are usuals, I like to cook, going out with friends or to dinner, go to the mall, watch series and movies, take my pet on a walk, play volleyball, listening to music and I really enjoy to excercise on gym. My Dad is a notary and I get along really well with him, he encourage me every day to be the best version of myself, to excercice, study and be happy. My mom is a full-time mother, she likes to travel and to makeup, she encourages me to be strong and follow my dreams, I also get along with her and I trust her so much. My brother is married, he lives with his wife, they don´t have childrens yet, when I see him, we both enjoy and trust each other. I am really excited to share with my Host Family the mexican culture, the language, festivities and gastronomy,. I would like to show them how we celebrate the day of death and independence day which are two of the most remarkable holidays in my country. Also show them Mexican music, some artists and traditional songs. Without more to say, I know it will be easy for me and you to adapt, I am so happy and as I said, glad that you are helping me to reach that goal of studying abroad, also for letting me becoming part of your family and, meet each another and share our ideas. Thank You!

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Spanish (native), English (8 years)



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Jesús Eduardo (29)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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