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Dear future host family, First of all I want to thank you that you are thinking about choosing me and that you want me to be part of your family. I appreciate that so much and I know that it´s a big responsibility. Unfortunately, I don´t know anything about you, but I would be very excited to meet you. In this letter I would like to tell you about me, my family and why I want to go to the USA. My name is Johanna. I´m from Germany and live in the south with my parents and my twin sister in a house. I would personally describe myself as a happy, friendly, respectful, adventurous and creative person. I try to focus on the positive in everything and make the best out of every situation. I’m a really active person, so I can’t just sit the whole day in my room and do nothing. I´m also open to new things. I like to try new things, be it food, a sport, or any other activity. My strengths include my attitude towards life, my creative mind and my ambition. Of course, no one is perfect, I am not so organized and impatient. I’m interested in many things and I am always willing to learn. If something interests me and I want to be able to do it, I teach myself. I volunteer with the Red Cross as a group leader and give tutoring. My hobbies are playing the piano, trampoline gymnastics and drawing. In the US I would like to continue playing the piano, but I also want to try new hobbys out. I always wanted to do cheerleading and dancing. I like to spend my free time in the nature and often go for walks. I also enjoy reading, mostly in English. Outside of school I am also very interested in languages, including English, French and Spanish. Travelling and seeing new cities has always been something that inspired me. I am very lucky to have been able to experience a lot and travel to many countries yet. On this list are countries like South Africa, England, Norway, Denmark, Sardinia, etc. Through camps and my french exchange I have already gained experience traveling alone and getting involved in a new environment. I also spend a lot of time with my family, whether it is going hiking, biking, going to a lake, visiting cities, playing board games or just sitting together and talking. I also do a lot of things with my friends in my free time like going to a cafe, cooking, playing games, taking a train to another city or doing other fun activities. I go to a High School and I´m currently in 10th grade. My favorite subjects are Art, English, Spanish and PE. I would like to do digital art and drama in the US, because we don´t have these subjects and they interest me. I could also well imagine studying digital art, so that´s a great chance to get an impression of it. Besides I want to travel around the world in my future life and get to know new cultures. I still want to volunteer and work for something good later. Until now, I only know the typical American high school movies, but often only the chliches are shown. That's why I would like to get to know the USA better and see the real sides. There is no better way to do this than to learn about and live the culture yourself in an American family. I’m already very excited to experience some typical american traditions, like Thanksgiving or Halloween. I want to attend a high school because I want to experience how it is to be an american high school student and I´m already curious about the high school spirit. Being part of your family allows me to make my dream come true, learning something about your culture, improve my english and more things. Thank you for taking your time reading this. I‘m very excited about meeting you and being part of your family in the United States of America. Best wishes Johanna

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German (native), English (6 years), French (4 years)



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Amelie Donata (16)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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