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Dear my host family Hi, My nickname is Pim. I’m an amusing person, I like to make other people laugh. People may look at me and judge me thinking I’m arrogant, but the fact is I’m very shy. I solve this problem by smiling and talking more. I’m a passionate person. I’m a punctual person and very confident about something that I’m interested in. My prominent point is my academics. I’m good at Mathematics. I love to solve Mathematics problems. In my family, We live together in our house. My father’s name is Jome. He has his own business. My mother’s name is Pu. She is a tutor and has her own business. My little sister’s name is Ploy. She studies in year 8 at an international school. My little brother’s name is Petch. He studies in year 5 at a private school. We usually go out to hang out and search for food together on Saturday and Sunday. We have many activities to do together. The activities we do together is playing board game and watching variety shows together. I feel very excited and love the feeling that everyone laughs at the show that we watch. The activities that we usually do together, my sister and I call it fighting time. In this activity, we sit in a circle around the table. And we have a snack in the middle. We usually do this in the evening or at night. We sit and do our own word problems on any subject that we are good at. I love this activity. In our family, there is an agreement that each person has his or her own duties. I have the responsibility of collecting dishes from the table. Put it in the sink and then my sister will put it in the dishwasher. My brother will be in charge of wiping the table. After finishing the meal I will have a duty to throw away the trash. And my other duty is to fold everyone's clothes and distribute them to different cabinets. My mother and father in the house were doing their usual duties of cooking for me and my sister. As for other housework, we will have a day off, we will help clean the house. But cleaning your own room must be your own duty. I live with my sister, We sweep our room every day. My mother taught me that if you see something that is not tidy, go in and arrange it, and don't wait, even though it might not be your duty. Because this is our home. We need to take good care of it. If it's about washing I'll be the one who separates the clothes so my father can send them to the shop to wash them. My mother and my father taught me lots of things. Not just about academics. But also how to live without them, teach me how to cook. How to do lots of things. My mom always gives me a trick to do something in my life. My parents always said that not only your knowledge or your responsibility to get a high score can make you live in real life. The special thing is your experience on your own and your life skill. My parents said that you can’t find this in your textbooks. But all I need is trial and error with life and I will learn my lesson. In my school, My favorite subjects are Mathematics and Physics. The subjects I'm not very good at but it is my favorite would be biology because I like to study about body systems. I feel very lucky to be in this program. My program taught me a lot in matters of morality, ethics and life including having a strong academic. My teacher is both a mentor and like my second mother. Always watching and helping me when I’m faced with any problems. There are 11 people in our best friends group. We always take care of each other. I tend to be the translator in the room between foreign teachers and my friends. My language is not at a very good level but I can communicate and understand what the teacher teaches and trying to convey. Most of the activities that I attend on my holidays are candle lighting. As for if it is an important religious day. My family is going to offer food to monks or go to the temple. As for the motivation for me to become an exchange student, there are 3 things. The first is that I want to learn the cultures of other countries. Second, I would like to improve my communication skills including my English vocabulary. And lastly, I'm sure that I will get an experience that I can't find in my country for sure. I want to know how they thinking and living in each day. I heard that American people are punctual so I think I’m the one who very strict about the time. And I'll want to have more vocabulary after joining. So I can communicate naturally. This is all my personal information about my family and me. Hope this can make you know us more. Yours faithfully

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