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Hi! I’m Toko! I’m 16 years old. I’m going to introduce myself and what I want to do with you! First, about my family. I have a mother, a father, and a brother. My mother always gives me some advice whenever I consult her. And she likes to watch Korean movies on Netflix. So sometimes I watch it together. My father always asks me to go outside. My dad's hobby is playing golf. So I sometimes play golf with him. But I‘m a beginner, so I’m not playing well, but it’s fun. I get along with my brother. We go to different schools, so we always compare our school's style and talk about our crush or school life. Next, about my lifestyle! In my school life, I always talk with my friends. I like math. When we have a math class, we usually discuss how to solve problems. Thinking by ourselves is very interesting. After coming back home, I play the guitar or study with my friends on the phone. I belong to a music band club so I sing and play musical instruments. After having dinner, I communicate with my family. We talk a lot. On the day of an event, my friends and I always hold a party. For example, on Christmas, we exchange gifts. It’s very fun. I have a funny episode at the Halloween party. One of my friends was dressed up as no face in Spirited Away. Then she painted her face white and put in a black cloth. She and I had a role to buy a pizza, so we went out together. When we arrived at the pizza store, the pizza clerk was so surprised to see her face. And she looked embarrassed. That atmosphere was so funny and weird. I’ll never forget it. Anyway, I really like to talk to someone and do fun things. Next, What I want to do with you! I want to visit many places. I’ve been taken to many places since I was little, so l love going out. For example, theater and nature, mountains, and so on. Especially, I really like to watch movies. When I was younger, I sometimes watched horror films with my father. It was too scary for me to keep watching it. But my father always went to bed with me, so I could sleep well. And I want to eat out with my host family. Because I like to talk and eat so I want to share happy times with you. Rice cake is one of my favorite foods in Japan. So I can make a dish which uses rice cake for you. And it’s not only, but I can also do calligraphy with you. Calligraphy is in traditional Japanese culture. Even I, a Japanese, to write Kanji and Hiragana difficult. But if we do write some words in Japanese together, it will be fun and a good memory. Here are some reasons why I want to study abroad. First, I want to learn the proactiveness of studying abroad from the past experiences I had in Canada in the summer. Second, I haven’t decided on my dream yet. But talking with someone and learning English is very interesting for me so I want to get a job related to it. I think that by putting myself in a different environment, I’ll find new values for myself, and I’ll broaden my horizon for the future. So I think this opportunity will be a good experience for me to find my job. Finally, I’ve appreciated your willingness to welcome me! And I’m so excited to have great days with you. I’m looking forward to seeing you in America!

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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