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Dear host family, Thank you for taking time to read my letter. My name is Henrique but people call me Rick. I live with my both parents Andrea (businesswoman) and Paulo (salesman), my younger brother thiago and my dog Marley in Brazil. i like to make the people around me happy and i always try to do everything i can to help my family and friends One of my favorites things ever is listen to music, i listen to all the time in my airpods, my favorites singers are Taylor swift, the weekend and frank ocean, they´re my biggest inspiration on music. in my free time i like to hang out with my friends, we usually go to the some restaurant because my city is not so big, so we don’t have many places to go, we also go to each other’s houses to pool parties, watch some movies and sometimes sleep over. Im a perfectionist and very determined with what im doing when i’m alone i like write songs in inspirational moments, i have about 80 songs written on my phone, i also like going to the mall, coffee shops and my favorite sport is tennis witch i'm not practicing anymore since im not having time. i love taking pictures, not pictures of myself but of things, like views, moments, animals etc, i have more than 40 thousand photos on my phone, and I think i’m kinda addicted to it. My spontaneous happiness is when im with people i have fun with, especially friends and my cousins, these moments are important to me. I study in a private school focused on the acceptance into good universities here in brazil one of my goals is to become an architect, since i was a kid I always liked to draw houses. I used to be a titkoker too, i have around 300k now, and its something that makes me very happy about, even though I'm not really posting anymore. Every summer i spend some days in my uncle's farm, and i have such a great time when i'm there, when i go there i feel like im hannah montana in her movie. the things that i most love is cooking shopping and cars. i really want have the american high school experience which is something that i always wanted since i was a little kid watching the Disney´s tv Shows. So I do want to get to know your culture, foods, experience snow maybe, hollidays,everything, and meet new people, new friends, be even more responsable, and in consequence improve my english, it will help me in the future. I also think its a really good opportunity to help me maturizing a lot. I can't wait to have this experience, this year in the USA is going to be the best one in my life. I'll be very glad to live with you. Thank you very much for reading my letter. I'm waiting for your reply and I hope to meet you soon.

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Portuguese (native), Spanish (4 years), English (8 years)



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Thiago (13)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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