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hi, I am Sara, Im attending the tenth grade of a high school in Germany and am going to do a year abroad (5 months). I am very sporty and play sports such as tennis, volleyball and badminton and I am a soccer referee. I get paid for being a referee and it’s a very good thing that promoted my independence and my respectable appearance . In addition, I tutor in pretty much every subject up to eighth grade. And above that I do math, English, German, Latin and history. I also am involved politically, because I am also in the youth counseling of our city where young people have a word in politics. When I'm not doing one of these things I love to meet up with friends and do cool activities such as skating or going to the city, or see movies in the cinema.If there’s good weather, we play beach volleyball outside or table tennis, sometimes we even just walk around town or even hiking. And when I’m alone, I grab my guitar and learn new songs that I can then play while my sister is singing with me. I love watching movies and series and reading books and comics. I am a huge Marvel fan and love superheroes but I also read very, very often and will definitely spend a lot of money on books in the USA because I read most books only in English. In itself I am a very confident and strong personality. That also brings me to being a good authority figure which I also reflect in my activities and my commitment. I am an enthusiastic girl and I always enjoy helping people. I am very open and cooperative for new experiences and a new lifestyle and I really hope that my host family will feel the same way! I hope for a happy and warm hearted host family with whom you can talk a lot and have fun and from time to time make movie nights and maybe go out once in a while to do some fun activities. Lastly I want to thank you for considering me! I hope I left a good impression and maybe you want to get to know me a bit better :)

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German (native), Serbian (native), English (9 years)



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social therapist


Milica (13) Milos (7)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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