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's Letter

Dear Host Family, First of all, I would like to thank you very for allowing me to fulfil my dream and to have the opportunity to share your American way of life in your wonderful country and to live the "American dream". I’m living in the second biggest city in France not far from the Alps. I love getting to know and meeting new people even though I may seem shy at first. While staying with you, it will be a great opportunity for me to know, discover and appreciate your way of life which will be a fascinating challenge and experience for me. I love sports and above all horse riding is my passion. I am lucky to have my own horse, which has helped me to become responsible. I love fence jumping which I often practice, but the most important for me is the relationship I have with him as he is like a member of my family. My sister (12 years old) who also loves horse riding will take care of him when I am away. We also have a cat who is very important in my family. I get on well and have a great relationship with my two other brothers and sister. One of my brothers is sixteen and loves playing tennis he is on a special school for tennis sport and the other is a law student (23 years old) as is my sister who is 20. I love all kinds of sports and will be glad to play any of them and would appreciate a team sport if possible: it would be a good opportunity for me to get to know and mix with people and become part of the community. I also practice windsurf and ski during my hollidays and I play volleyball with my friends. I spend my time doing my work, riding, being with my family, being with my friends or painting. I’m a hard-working girl and I wish to do my best. I am sure that the WEP program will enable me to be fulfilled and develop through your culture and appreciate various different points of view and also discover your own values and improve my English language. At school my favorite subjects are literature, history and English. I like nature and being outside, but I also like staying at home because I do a lot of DIY, I also like drawing and scrapbooking. I live in a large family with a lot of cousins which has taught me how to take care of small children. I have often worked voluntarily in a beach club for children. I enjoy organizing games and taking care of them. Later, I would like to work with disabled children to help them with their disability. I can't wait to experience the American way of life. My grandparents lived there for two years for their graduate studies. I have heard them speaking of it with great enthusiasm since I was a child, I wish I can have the same experience. Yours Marine

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English (5 years), Spanish (4 years), French (native)



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Quentin (23) Philippine (20) Aurélien (17) Faustine (12)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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