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Dear host family. My name is Arne. I am from the Netherland and I'm looking forward meeting you! I have 1 little brother his name is Tijn, he is 13 years old. I also have 1 big brother his name is Jelle. He is 17. I live with both my parents. My mom, her name is Jessica she is 44, and my dad his name is Sjoerd and he is 45 years old. Me and my family are pretty close we play games together watch movie’s together and go to each other sports game’s together. Now I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. So I'm Arne, I live in a city in the middle of the Netherlands, with 160.000 people. Maybe in America it's called a town. I have lived there for about 8 years now. Before that I lived in Jakarta, that is the capital city of Indonesia I have lived there for 4 years. When I was 3-7 years old. I lived there because of my dad’s job. He works for an international engineer company. That company make sure the water is clear and clean. I have still good memories about Indonesia, but I can't speak the language anymore so that’s a pity. I have also lived for 5 months in Beijing, but I was then 0 years old, so I cannot remember anything of that. I lived there because of my mom’s job. She was project manager at the United Nations. She was project manager of several HIV prevention projects. I like to play soccer and travel. I like to see my family and friends. I like the Netherlands but I want to experience a new culture and I love America from what I have seen from the movies. Maybe I can teach you a little bit about the Dutch culture. For example the different holiday’s we have here or the food and snacks or some typical Dutch behaviour. I have never visited the States but I really want to and know what it's like to live there and experience the American culture. I am an enthusiastic young man with some big dreams. I am a social person, I like to meet new people and do new things. I like playing, sports mostly soccer but sometimes I play basketball with my brothers but I'm not really any good in that. But I would like to learn something about American football. I also like to bake or cook sometimes. I really like fried chicken for example! I can sometimes be a bit chaotic. I forget for example sometimes things, but I can work on that ;). I would really like to experience an American highschool. The reason I picked America for this adventure is because there is only one country like America were so many different culture’s are combined and it’s the land of opportunity. I think it's so different then in the Netherlands with all the sports and all the school clubs. Maybe it looks a little like the school I went to in Jakarta. I think that I'm gonna have an amazing time there with you guys, at school, make some new friends and just learn a lot. In the Netherlands my life isn't that exiting. I go to school, hang out a little with my friends and play soccer then I go home. On Monday and Wednesday I have soccer practice en and on Tuesday and Saturday I work as a stock clerk in a supermarket. It's fun but I want to experience something new like living in a country like America for a year. When I'm older I would like to do something in the military special forces, the green barets. In the Netherlands they called korps commando troops (kct) and it is very hard to get in but I'm gonna give it my all.The reason why I would like to join them is because they help so many people and help to keep my country safe at the highest level and it also looks really exiting to me. Dear host I'm looking forward to meeting you. Kind regards, Arne

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