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Hello host family! I'm Nayoon:) I will go to USA next August to meet you, visit your house, and live together for about 10 months. I'm so happy to be part of the exchange student program together, and thank you for taking it positively with me. Let me introduce myself first, I am from Korea. I am academic, active and artistic. I have an optimistic and calm personality. I'm a bit shy, but I'm quick to adapt, and I like hanging out with people, so I think I'll be able to get along well. Also, I always have a lot of ideas because I like to think deeply and think hard. I like watching musicals or plays, watching hockey, dancing, and running. I often read books, watch movies, listen to music, and exercise at home. Sometimes I try new things. When I do these things, I can enjoy it even if I am not good at it, and I am happy just by itself. Also, I am really interested in social studies, economics, and mathematics and I like to study, so I will go to university to study one of these fields later. I don't have a firm future goal yet, but I have no doubt that whatever I do and become, it will be really great. Immediately after the exchange student is over, I will return to Canada to finish my study abroad life or continue to study in the United States. I like to participate in school lessons. During breaks, I spend time talking with my friends and teachers. In Korea, I like to take care of class work at school, so I occasionally served as president and belonged to the dance club. I spent the last year of Korean middle school home schooling. During that time, I studied in my own way, went on a train trip by myself, went to an exhibition, and went on a journey to find learning by myself. After finishing home schooling, I have been in Canada now. In Canada, I live with my host family and go to high school. I meet other international students from the same office of education and exchange cultures. Through studying abroad in Canada, I experienced the culture and exchange first, and I realized how valuable it was, and I want to take this heart to the United States and share it with you. My family consists of my parents, older brother and Byul. My mom is a housewife and my dad is a civil engineer. They were worried about my participation in the US exchange student program for various reasons, but as always, they believe in me, respect my choice, and support me. My older brother is currently living in the United States through an exchange student program. Since he also lives in a foreign country, he gives me general advice and help with my study abroad life, and sympathizes with me. Byul is a puppy. Byul means star in Korean. He always shines brightly like his name and gives me strength. Also, I have still maintained the relationships I met at Korean schools, academies, churches, or other places. My acquaintances always cheer and encourage me in their own way. I hope to be part of your family while I am in America. I don't know who the host family will be as the host family hasn't been decided yet, but I know they must be good people. It's really nice to meet you through this opportunity, and I'm really happy to have a precious relationship. I want to experience and learn as many things as possible in this world. So I always try new things, and I believe that challenge will improve me. This exchange student program is one of the challenges for me. Through this opportunity, I want to enjoy American school life and culture that I cannot experience in Korea, and I think I will get a lot of things by meeting you in a new environment and living together. So I want to live in the United States by exchanging cultures with you. Thank you again for choosing me and I look forward to seeing you soon. See you next year! Warm Regards Nayoon

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Doyoon (16)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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