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Dear Host Family, How are you? I hope everything’s fine! I’m Edoardo! I’m writing to you because I want to thank you for hosting me for 10 months and I want to tell you something about me. I like to travel all around the world and experience new cultures. This is going to be a big adventure for me, I am very grateful I can spend so much time with you. I’m sure I’m going to meet a lot of new people and make new things I’ve never done, but first, I want to build a strong bond between us. What do you love? What do you do together? I'm very curious but now I should tell you something about me. I come from Italy. My family consists of four people: my parents Emanuele and Silvia, my sister Angelica and me. I have a strong bond with them, and we love to stay together, we like to go on holidays, and travel. This year we visited Albania, what a wonderful place, I have no problems going anywhere, from the mountain to the sea. We also help each other with our problems and for sure with housework. I have a strong relationship with my parents, they trust me, so I have some freedom and I've never lost their trust. I understand freedom needs trust and trust needs time, I want to make you feel safe if you will give me some responsibilities. My sister Angelica is a bit wayward, and like many siblings, I have a hate-and-love relationship with her, but I love her. We bicker sometimes, as all the siblings do. She roller skates so we don't have much time to see each other during the day due to the training sessions. What are your rules? I'm sure I will adapt to them quickly. I like my school and I define myself as a curious person. Scientific subjects are the ones I like the most such as Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Here I do scientific sports high school, so we do a lot of sports besides scientific subjects. I am sporty and love to be busy, so I would really like to be involved in sports activities at my American high school. After high school, I would like to study Physics to work in the energy sector and make a change in this world. It is a big challenge but I'm really into it. I have been playing basketball since I was 8, I really enjoy it. In the first years, I had considered it just a hobby, in the last 2 years I've taken it seriously and now I do my best at every training. I love this sport and I would like to play it the year I will live with you. In my country sports work differently from there; we have only clubs, and we don't have team sports at school, which means we play preferred sports for the entire year. I think it's very interesting trying 3 sports in one year, I'll go for this solution! I have three main groups of friends. The first one comes from middle school and I'm still in touch with them, they are the ones I meet less; in this group, there is my best friend, Matteo. Then there are the ones I play basketball with, I usually hang out on Saturday evenings, and I see them at every training. Finally, there is my group of friends from my classroom, we are five and we have fun together doing literally everything. We meet usually at someone’s house, and we play FIFA, listen to music, and in summer we also hang out. I love to make new friends and I love to make them laugh, in my opinion, I'm very sociable and open to new people. About food, I like all the veggies and all the meat, but I can't stand fish and smelly cheese, overall, what I like the most is pasta. I will do my best to adapt to your food habits and try new dishes. I’m so excited and can’t wait to arrive in the U.S.A., meet you and start my American experience as an exchange student. I hope to meet different cultures and new lifestyles and be able to adapt. I think this program will be very important for my education and development as a person and a citizen of the world. I know we are going to have a good time together, and maybe our bond will last forever. This will happen only if we speak clearly and trust each other, I'll do the first step! I'll do my best to make you happy and to know you all. I have a lot to give, and I would like to become a member of your family and community. I really thank you for reading my letter, I hope to hear you soon! We will enjoy this adventure together, sincerely, Edoardo.

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