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Hello There! I am Thiago, I am 15 and I look forward to meet you. I will talk a little about myself. I am in the tenth year going to the eleventh next year. I can be a bit shy at first sight, but can also be quite outgoing once we get to now each other better. I live in a small and cozy apartment in a very quiet little town with my parents and my 2 cats. my mom is called Carla and she is an excellent cooker and my father is called Jairo and he is a metallurgical engineer and my cats are called Shinko and Mia, they are Birman, also called "Sacred Cat of Burma" and are very affectionate. Everything in this town is close, so I can go anywhere by my own. We also have a house in the mountains not far from here where we usually go on weekends, It has beautiful waterfalls, very good restaurants and a very good handmade chocolate shop. My mother and I always go hiking there and sometimes she makes some pizza in the wood oven. Whenever I can I take my friends to spend a holiday or weekend. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, play some videogames and currently i am playing God of War, i like to watch movies and series, my favorites are Dark and Interstellar and I like to read some books too, my favorite author is Tolkien and already I have read The Lord of the Rings, The Children of Húrin and I’m currently reading The Hobbit. On weekends, I usually go out for lunch in a city very close to where I live, with my parents and a couple of cousins ​​who live there. At night I go out with my friends to the Cinema or to a place called AlphaPark which is a group of restaurants and snack bars with really good hamburgers and pizzas. My favorite foods are hamburger, Brazilian barbecue (It is very different from the U.S barbecue) and my mom's shrimp noodle which is incredibly good and I am not a picky eater. Recently, I have started to care more about myself, so I joined the gym and started eating better and I have already seen great results. I have a brother called Rafael, he is 20 years old and he already did an exchange program in 2019, he is currently studying computer science at a college located in a city approximately 6 hours from where we live. Because of that, I only get to see him on holidays when he gets to come here. I love to draw even though I have not drawn anything for a while. I am interested in different subjects such as astronomy, quantum physics, nutrition, cinema, science fiction, geek things in general like super heros for example. I am very anxious for the experience that the exchange will bring, I want to improve my English, get to know a new culture, meet new people and make new friends.

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Portuguese (native), English (4 years), German (5 years)



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Rafael (20)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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