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Bike-Riding/Mountain biking or BMX
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Bike Riding
Skiing or Snowboarding
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's Letter

Dear host family: My name is Federico I am from a family of 5 people, my mother, my father, my sister and my brother, my two brothers are younger than me, even so we get along very well and we share many moments, in my family there are also 4 dogs that we all love very much here and we play with them. Koba, who is the dog that I raised, is my jogging partner, I always go jogging with him, riding a bike or just go out to the backgyard to play with him and we love each other very much. Since I was born I have lived in the countryside, which I love, I have always liked nature and animals along with sports, so a few years ago I discovered mountain biking, which became more than my favorite sport in my life passion, I practice it very frequently for 5 years and I have managed to reach a very good level, also with my family we usually travel to many places and whenever we can I take my bicycle to go to see trails and new places in nature, such as example the villarrica volcano. Over time I have practiced other sports and I have stood out a lot in them, the first was soccer in which I played defense and went to championships with my school now I have left it a bit because I focused more on mountain biking, too Almost at the same time that I started soccer, I practiced rugby in which I played wing, I took it a little more seriously and I was also in my school's team, this sport helped me a lot to have physical condition and to learn very important values such as camaraderie, respect and empathy. Unfortunately, I have practiced this sport less due to a knee injury, but I have every intention of returning. About 3 years ago I also practice skateboarding, I do it only as a hobby and to practice it with my friends and for entertainment. Another sport that I liked a lot was skiing since I did it for the first time this year and it fascinated me. I also practice surfing, I do it less but I still enjoy a lot when I do it. In the social sphere, I have my group of friends in my city and we get together a lot with other people from here, I am also very sociable and it is not difficult for me to talk to people and make friends, for this reason I have many friends in the places where I go on vacation And although I don't see them that often, I have a very good relationship with everyone and I always like to meet new people, their stories, adventures and what they have experienced. Regarding the school, although it seems strange, I like to go because I think that learning is entertaining as long as I like what I learn, if I don't like it, I still learn it and sometimes with greater interest in order to understand better, but for example my favorite subjects are physics, mathematics and history, all of these interest me a lot and I like to learn them. For this reason, I do very well in them. Another thing that I usually do is play the guitar and now the ukulele, which entertains me a lot and I consider that they give me many psychological abilities. The last thing regarding my family is that since we have always lived in the country we eat very natural things, although over time we have been eating more processed food. However, I have always been willing to try new things and I am very interested. In short, that is something of my life, my hobbies and my family, greetings.

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my brother´s ocupation is bike riding

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she's my mother she work at her fruit analysis laboratory


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