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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for reading my application letter and giving me the chance to make a big dream of mine come true. I like to try new things and I want to travel around the whole world, including America. In my year abroad, I want to learn about the American culture and I want to share my culture with you. I love to meet with my friends. I am a very openminded, friendly, creative, helpful, affectionate and honest person. I enjoy playing sports, such as dancing, running and swimming. I speak german and little bit french and I look forward to become fluent in english. I do volunteer work at my school, such as helping the new 5th graders to get to know the school and help them if they have any problems and I also help in my church. Last year I helped with the christmas theater in my church for the 6-9 year old children and I also was the narrator. I hope I can do volunteer work in America to. I tutor a girl in the 7th grade in math. I enjoy helping other people, especially younger children. I love to sing in my freetime, but I don’t think I’m really good, that's why I sing most of the time under the shower. I dance since 12 years and I still enjoy it. I always wanted to join a cheerleading group and I hope that this dream comes true. Even though I know that it might not come true I’m willing to try it. I’m also very interested in trying other things and joining school clubs. My dad works in a big car industry where he produces the machines which produces the cars, also he often goes on business trips in different countries and often we watch soccer together. My mom was working for a finacial consulting company, but now she is helping at a doctor's office. We love to go shopping together and travel every year in may some days to different cities. My brother is six years older than me and he is currently studying informatics and he is working for a big steal company. We are a close family which loves to play card games or watch movies together, we go on walks or do bike trips at the week-ends. I hope to become a part of your family as well and we are going to enjoy the time together. I often travel with my family together. We were in many different countries and enjoyed the quality time together. I have also travelled alone or with some friends like this year. We went together with an organisation from our church to Sweden for two weeks without any parents. Another vacation where I travelled alone was one year ago. I went to a camp to improve my english and there I meet a friend and we are still in contect today. The only problem is that she lives very far away so we don’t see eachother that often. In the years 2020 and 2022 I went on an exchange with my school to France for three weeks each. In 2020 I had a girl as an exchange student and in 2022 I had a boy. I lived three weeks in their Family in France. After the three weeks they came with me to Germany and lived three weeks with me and my family. I always wanted to experience how different the school life really is from how it is in Germany. Also I always want to see an american Halloween, because in Germany we don’t really celebrate Halloween. In Germany while Christmas the weather is really cold and it rarely snows and at these days we celebrate just with our family so it is really calm. I would like to know what Christmas is like in America with the decoration and partys with lots of friends. If you like I could cook some german food for you sometimes and we can enjoy the delicious food together. Since I was a little child I always wanted to go to America to see if life is really like in the movies and to get to know the american culture. I also wanted to make new friends around the whole world and to start with a year abroad in America is a good idea, I think. These experiences will certainly help me in my later profession, because I would like to become a police detective. I hope I can make unforgettable memories with you and my new friends in America. I look forward to become a part of your family! I hope you are curious to get to know me and give me the chance to become a part of your life. Lots of greetings, Lea-Letizia

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Tim-Tizian (21)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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