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Hi, Thank you for taking time out for me. It's not easy to write a lot about ourselves, but come on... My name is Pedro, I'm respectful, honest, punctual, excited, I like to go out with my friends and family, watch movies and videos, play video games, card games, board games and games. And what I love is practicing physical activity, because it was through it that I changed, and I am very grateful to my mother, because it was she who encouraged me to start training. When I was younger, I was very ashamed, but when I started training, I really liked it. I started to evolve, make friends at the gym and I changed, I stopped feeling ashamed and became who I am today. As the gym has changed me and makes me evolve more and more, being healthier, I like to motivate other people too, I call my friends to train with me, because when you go with someone, it's cooler, and since I want my friends well, call them! I like to eat well, I have no dietary restrictions and I usually eat healthy food every day. My family and I love to travel, we have already visited some cities in the region. There is nothing that makes me happier than traveling. And one of my goals is to get to know the whole world, all cultures and make lots of friends. My relationship with my family is great, we do a lot of things together, we laugh a lot, we cook together, we're like friends, we talk about everything, of course there are sometimes arguments, but nothing a good conversation can't solve. We are very happy. At home I have responsibilities like taking out the trash, preparing meals, cleaning the house, washing and putting away the dishes, and taking care of my dogs. I find it easy to make friends and get along, I have many friends and my relationship with them is great, I like to receive them at home and have a barbecue. About school, I take it very seriously, I almost never miss classes, I get good grades, I respect my teachers and I have a great relationship with my friends at school. I have some dreams and goals to achieve, such as: becoming financially independent, having a good job and, most importantly, evolving more and more as a person. One of the reasons that made me choose to do the exchange, in addition to being my dream and improving my English, is that the experience I will acquire is unique and valuable, as I will be leaving my comfort zone and going to a place where everything it's new and meeting new people, a new culture, with different teachings and customs, making friends and visiting new places. I think it's an incredible opportunity to develop myself and be more independent and I'll also be able to show and transmit everything you want to know about Brazil and my culture. Thanks again for your attention. Pedro

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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