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Dear host family, My name is G. and I live in a big city in Italy, I adore this city that is always on the move and offers a thousand opportunities. Despite this, I am ready to leave it for six months where I will be part of your wonderful family! I go to school in a scientific high school since I love math and science as school subjects and I can't wait to learn more about them (especially in English!). For me school is very important and it is also easy for me to study and understand things. Describing my character, I consider myself a very determined girl as I always try to achieve the goals I set for myself such as a certain grade in school. I am also very ambitious, when I grow up in fact I would like to become a doctor, but this is all to be seen! One of my strong points is that I know myself very well and when I have a problem I know how to act to recover instantly and I also don't let myself be hindered by the thoughts of others,I always act with my head. I am very attached to my family, including my uncles, cousins ​​and grandparents with whom I spend many holidays together, happy moments that I will carry forever in my heart. My mother D. works as a housewife; my father F. is an architect, a profession that fascinates me a lot and finally I also have brother who is an engineer, now he lives alone and we don't spend much time together but for me it's a big point of reference. A very nice bunny with white fur with black spots and a hamster were also part of my family, I love animals and I have no problem living with them. One of the activities that I do with my family and that I prefer the most is going to the mountains both in winter to ski and in summer to take long walks or go mountain biking. In fact, I consider myself a very sporty girl full of energy and always ready to try new things. Since I was little I have always put myself on the line multiple times trying lots of different sports and activities. One of the sports that I’m most attached to and that I have practiced for several years is pentathlon. It consists of five sports: running, swimming, pistol shooting, horse riding and fencing but unfortunately now I only practice running and swimming during the week. The last sport I played was rhythmic gymnastics where I got to compete at a national level! This awesome experience had taught me many values ​​especially at a team level, but unfortunately due to studying and school it had become too complicated and I had to quit. In addition to this, I also have a job that keeps me busy throughout the week! I work in a soccer sports company where I help the referees start the matches and I'm always ready to help in case of someone injured. I have many friends who I love so much and who have always been by my side that's why I hope to find good-hearted people like them in America too! I owe everything to my family and I recognize all the things they have done for me such as supporting myself in this experience as an exchange student, an experience that I can’t wait to begin. I’m sure it will change my current lifestyle and maybe even my future! Thanks to you, I will be able to learn many new things from traditions and cultures that are different from mine.I hope to feel in all respects an integral part of your family so that I can make this experience wonderful for everyone! Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter and I can’t wait to finally meet you all. See you soon!

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Flavio (27)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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