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Dear host family, Thank you so much for participating in the exchange program and having me in your family next year. My name is Dusan and I am from Serbia. I live with my parents and a little brother Milos who is 12. My dad is one of the managers in IT company and my mom works in a small family company as an economist. My brother is in 6th grade. . I am very close to my family and I will miss them a lot next year. I mainly learned about Student Exchange Program from my mom Katarina who was an exchange student in USA, New Jersey, in 1992-1993, exactly 30 years ago. Her experience was life changing. She enjoyed going to American school, hanging around with American kids, and being a part of American family. She stayed with a wonderful family where she was accepted as a family member, like a third child. They became so close that she calls them mom Ellen and dad Jack. They have visited each other several times after my mom returned to Serbia. Unfortunately, her host sister is not in a position to have me in her family for a year because of personal reasons. My huge wish is to also experience a senior year in American school and to really get to know American people and American way of living. I also hope that I will meet friends for life. I attend 11th grade of High School, called Gymnasium. It is one of about 20 gymnasiums in my hometown, and it is a big school with over 1400 students. My major subjects are Math, Physics and Chemistry, although I also have Biology, English, Serbian language and literature, German, Philosophy, History, Geography, Music and art, and Physical education. Education system in Serbia and in USA are very different, I prefer the one in your country. We don’t have the opportunity to choose subjects like students in US, and instead we have to pass around 12 subjects each year. I also know that your education in general is very proactive and research based, unlike in Serbia where we study a lots of theory. I am very dynamic, outgoing, open minded and friendly person who enjoys meting new people. I love to hang around with my friends. My parents joke sometimes that I know too many kids and that I should maybe narrow down number of my friends. I like to watch movies, listen to music, play video games from time to time, but not too much, as I prefer hanging around with friends. We usually go to the movies, concerts, or just visit each other and have fun. We also play basketball and practice in outdoor gym nearby my home. In winter we go skiing in Kopaonik, a mountain in Serbia. I like nature a lot, but I prefer more dynamic environment for living. I love to travel. Ever since I was a little I have travelled a lot with my family. We have visited so many different countries and have met so many interesting people. This summer was the first summer that I didn’t travel with my parents. While they were on vacation I spent 2 weeks in United Kingdom learning English. I was in Royal Holloway University, in summer language school near Windsor. I met kids from many different countries, and made a lots of new friends. Not only that I improved my English, I also visited so many places in England. We were in London twice, Windsor, Oxford, Cambridge, and we also visited Stonehenge. It was unforgettable summer for me. I am so excited to finally not only see USA next year, but to live like an American teenager for a year. I believe that I will have unforgettable memories with you and my new friends in America. I am so excited to become a part of your family! Warm Regards, Dušan

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