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Dear Host family, First, I would like to thank you for reading my letter and spending time getting to know me better. We never met, so I hope that the following lines will give you an impression of me, my life in Thailand, and why l would like to spend a year in the USA. My name is Pongsapak and my nickname is Klah. My teachers describe me as an open-minded, sportive, friendly and creative person. I live together with my parents and my older sister. My sister is very kind to me. When I was a child, we always argued every day but now she has taught me homework and when I don't know or understand something I will ask her and talk to her. Now she has to live in a dormitory near her school. Because of that every Friday evening, my sister comes home and we will eat dinner together as a family when it is Sunday my dad will drop my sister at the dormitory. I and my sister know each other very well, we know about the things that we like and don't. My parents and my sister make me the creative, kind, honest, and responsible person I am today. I attend an innovative school close to the place where I live. In this school, we have to mostly come up with ideas to do a project. We have many choices of what we want to do to pursue our dreams such as engineering, cooking and finance projects. For the last term I built a seeding drone for planting trees because of the global warming trend that keeps increasing and becoming an issue nowadays. When I have a break between terms, I like to do new projects such as making an RC (radio control) car, FPV (first person view) drone, and waterjet boat. My favorite subjects in school are PE, physics, biology, and STEM. Besides learning English for 10 years, I have also been learning Chinese since I was in grade 2. When I have lunch break I like to play basketball and football with my friends and seniors. Furthermore, my friends and I also have other interests, and music is one of them. I started learning guitar about one month ago. I'm not good at music but I wanted to try. But I always did a lot of sports. I started playing basketball when I was in grade 4 and I also have to practice basketball at the basketball court with my academy. The reason why I want to be an exchange student, I think it’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people, get to know the “American way of life”, improve my English, learn new cultures, traditions and make new experiences. I believe the experience of one year with you will be worthwhile and I am so excited about staying with you and becoming a part of your family. I hope I‘ll be able to show you something about myself. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks and regards, Klah

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Thai (native), English (10+ years), Chinese (7 years)



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