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Joachim Rinaldo

's Letter

Dear host family, I would like to begin to thank the persons who are going to welcome me in their family during my program. My name is Joachim, I am a French blond blue eyed boy. I am an only child and I lived at my parent's, in house with a dog and a turtle, in the South of France, in Nice. I am both Italian on my mother's side and French on my father's side. I love my family, and have a great time with them, we get on very well. Together we like to go to the mountains to do sports, like skiing or walking, or also we like to play music like piano or guitar. Both my parents are architects, so you often visit new towns and villages to understand and see their architecture Now I study at the general high school and I would like after to enter a business school. I am very studious and I work every day to try to achieve my goals. But also I love sports, Indeed I do Thai boxing and swimming. Another I like to go fishing with my friends with whom I get along very well and I like spending time and having fun with them. But I also like reading and I play a little video game. About my personality and my character, I don't really know how to describe myself... So I asked my best friends to do it for me. I know that I can trust them because they really know who I am and accept me like that without trying to change me. That's why they are my best friends and why I love them ! So according to them, I am kind and generous. Maybe too much because I usually think more of others than myself. I am stubborn and persistent. When I want to reach my goal, I do everything I can. I never give up ! I am sociable, spontaneous and open-minded. I'm not afraid to talk to people and easily adaptable. I'm also funny and a bit crazy, I'm not afraid to be ridiculous, which makes me a funny person. If I want to dance, I dance. If a teacher needs someone to volunteer in class, I volunteer. I am voluntary and dynamic. I want to succeed in my life but I also want to have fun ! I always try to make things around me go well. I want the people I love to feel good so I try to always be there for them : I'm very sensitive so I can easily sense when something is wrong. Otherwise, I think I'm more calm, curious and friendly. I am patient, attentive and I like to get involved in projects, while remaining kind, respectful and having a sense of humor. Also, I love living in community and would love to live with other American kids. I am attracted to the United States, I always dreamed of going there, and learning the culture of the country and the traditions of the inhabitants. This is for these reasons that I chose this program in order to fully integrate myself in the life of an American family, to live like an American and have his lifestyle. I also chose this destination to learn English, because today it is important to know this language for your future and if you want to travel the world. When I meet my future host family, I would like to share with him in exchange my way of life in France, my passions, french and Italian culture and traditions and my joy of living. I am also very sociable, I think I can easily integrate myself into a new high school and make new friends, with whom I could have a good time with them and help them, and them too in exchange. I would like once again to thank my future host family, for the kindness and hospitality they will have to welcome me for a year in their life. I hope to see you soon ! Joachim

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English (6 years), German (5 years), French (native)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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