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's Letter

Dear Host Family, Hello my name is Johannes. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and giving me the opportunity to come live with you. I’m very grateful because letting someone stay with you for a year is not something everyone would do. I think it’s amazing that you’re giving people this opportunity and I will be forever grateful. I’m a young student boy and I live in a small village in the Netherlands. I really want to go to America because I’m very interested in the American culture. I like to try new things and meet new people. I’m very curious about how American high school will be and I hope I will improve my English. I am an honest and open person. I would love to tell you about my life in the Netherlands. I enjoy playing soccer with my friends and I play in the below 17 group. My position is striker and I have a lot of fun with the team. We train two times a week and play a match on Saturday. I also play a Frisian sport called Kaatsen. I will bring a Kaatsen ball to America and I will learn you how to play. I live with my dad, mom, brother and little brother. We also have a cat and a dog. My dad is a truck driver and has his own transportation company. We have nine trucks. My mom is a stay at home mom and does the administration for the company. Both of my brothers go to school. My younger brother is still in middle school and my older brother is studying to become a truck driver like my dad. I have a very good connection with my family. We’re all very close and spend a lot of time together. I also really enjoy watching soccer matches with my fam, I am also very curious about American football and the other American sports. I also like to walk with my mother and our dog Bikkel, sometimes we have very nice conversations. I visit every week my grandparents and enjoy id. Every Sunday we visit my grandmother (my dad her mom) and she makes breakfast bacon and eggs. I also like to play soccer in the yard with my two brothers, and playing games with the family is always fun (I like to win). During the holidays and on Friday afternoons I work at an insulation company where I am sawing the insulation boards and sweeping the sheds clean with the sweeper. I will also soon be allowed for me forklift truck certificate. I am a social person and I have a lot of friends. My friends and I like to watch the formula 1 and soccer games. In the summer we like to go swimming or play soccer. I want to say again that I am very grateful that I can live with you as a host family for 10 months. I hope we can build a very good relationship and have fun that I will take with me for the rest of me live. High school seems fantastic to me to be able to learn English and make friends, it seems very educational to me. An adventure to experience that I will always take with me in my backpack for my further future. I hope my letter gives you an inside in my life and that I get to see you soon, so you can tell me about your life. Kind regards, Johannes

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own company


Durk (18) Rense (11)

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