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's Letter

Dear host family, I am Margo, I live in a little city with my family : My father, my mother and my two little brothers, they are ten and twelve years old. During my free time, I play piano, that’s my favorite instrument and I play it since I’m seven. I love dancing, I was a classical dancer during eight years, but this year, I’m trying modern dance every Monday and I really love it. It’s more free and expressive. Dance makes me feel good because that’s a way to express my emotion. Sometimes, I want to be alone in my bedroom just to take a moment for me and listen music. But I like doing board game with my friends or my family. I enjoy doing sports, for example, in winter, I ski with my friends and my family. Last summer, I learned to surf in a summer camp during one week. I love nature, to go for a walk in woodland or mountains. I’m very creative so I love inventing recipes when I’m cooking. I often cook for my friends or my family. I cook every Wednesday when I’m alone to clear my mind. I’m also a reader, I like reading at the evening, before going to sleep, I think it’s the best moment to read. I enjoy to read romantic or fantastic novel. I love animals, at home, I have a dog named Sully since almost two years. It’s a miniature Australian shepherd. I’m very friendly, I love meeting new person and go out to see my friends. I don’t eat a lot of meat and I really appreciate vegetables and pasta. Most of the time, I make my own snack because it’s tastier. With my family, we organize « movies evening » some Friday and we eat crepes together. On week-end, we like playing cards, taking a walk in the near mountain or go to the cinema. I have a great relation ship with my family, they are comprehensive, attentive, and mainly, they are very funny. With my friends, we really love going to cinema or shopping. We also love dancing and singing together. Since I’m in high school, I like to go there because lessons are more interesting. I appreciate English, Italian and French classes because I prefer languages. I also like Chemistry lessons, when we do experiences. About my homework, I often do it when I go back home in my bedroom, or when I have time at high school. I like getting ahead on my work to not be surpassed. I choose this program because I think it’s the best to improve my English quickly and at the same time, meet new person and live with them during a year. For me, live with an American family is the best way to make me flexible. It could be an experience that will help me choosing specialities while I come back for my study and maybe help me to know what I would like to do later on. I make the choice to go to USA because it’s a country very different to France and I would like to discover your culture. I think I will bring my French culture to my host family. I hope I will make they discover French dishes. I will also bring my good vibes to share beautiful moments with us. Thanks you so much for your hospitality, I can’t wait to see you.

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French (native), English (5 years), Italian (4 years)



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Amaury (12) Andrea (10)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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