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Dear host family, My name is Coline, I am someone rather serious and enormously determined when I have a goal in mind I will do everything to get there. So that's what happened to the United States since I was little my biggest dream is to discover the United States it's always been a goal but at 6 years old it's a bit complicated to leave to discover the united states alone. I didn't give up and here I am 10 years later writing a letter so that a family would give me a chance. I worked on a presentation several months for that my parents fully understood my project. I really like discovering new things, enriching my vocabulary and cultivating myself. I like playing sports, going to the cinema and shopping. I practiced a lot of sports during my 15 years of existence, I started dancing from a very young age, then I did GRS (Sports Rhythmic Gymnastics), to then practice soccer, gymnastics with apparatus. then climbing and finally volleyball. Another very important thing about me I hate inequalities and I am very open-minded. I don't accept that we pass a negative judgment on someone different. I don't hesitate to defend when necessary. I live with my parents and my 11-year-old brother, we love eating out in family restaurants, going on vacation or playing board games. We have household chores to do such as clearing the dishwasher, setting the table, vacuuming… We are very fusional and we like communication, what we hate above all is lies. We are very French : bread and cheese is sacred, moreover if you accept that I share your life for 10 months I could make you discover the typical French dishes if you wish of course. I am not allergic to anything and I have no health problems. I have a cat, two donkeys, chickens and a dog. I really like animals but the ones I hate above all are reptiles (lizards, snakes, iguanas…). It really is a phobia. But otherwise I love all animals and I'm not afraid of them. I live in the countryside so apart from cows and meadows there is not much, I am in a small junior high school of less than 500 students, I love school and more particularly studying English, French and sports. When I was 11 I traced the path of all the soldiers who died during the First World War in my town with the help of a historian, for a year I tried to find information about them and especially where they were dead and then I transferred everything to the map of France, several people were therefore able to find where one of their relatives was buried during my exhibition, I am not passionate about history but this work was done so young was a great help to me and I was able to learn more about this war. I like to make people laugh and I like to be made to laugh. I don't really know what I want to do later, for many years I had the idea of ​​becoming a lawyer but now I see myself more in humanitarian work. Carry out humanitarian missions with UNICEF, for example. Help people in need and give them love. I am someone who has a lot of dreams and who wants to live a lot of things and I intend to start with this project "to become an exchange student in the United States" Obviously leaving my family, my friends frightens me but is normal but I do not intend to back down from this fear and I came out of this year of exchange stronger mentally, with a very good level in English and very autonomous. At the age of 6 I moved so I know very well what it feels like to change my lifestyle. So my name is Coline and I tried in a few sentences from you describe who i was i will be forever grateful if you give me this chance and you will make very happy the little 6 year old girl ! Thank you so much! Coline

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