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Dear host family. My name is Pepijn, a boy who grows up in a family of 9. I have 6 sisters who are all older than me, yes I have 6 sisters. People are often shocked when they hear this, they ask if it's not tough among so many girls. But it is absolutely not, they often spoil me enough. So it is also always busy at home even though 3 sisters are already out of the house, they come by almost daily and 2 even live in the same street. My grandfather lives next door and eats with us every night. So as I said it is a busy place at home, which I love and I love the hustle and bustle and sociability. If my family is to be believed, I am a really sociable person and always try to make people laugh. I can agree with this, cheering people up is one of the things I like to do best. In fact, I myself am cheerful most of the time, I try to see the fun in everything and look at everything as optimistically as possible. For example, when people say that something is impossible, I am willing to look at it. I believe that everything is possible if you make an effort. In daily life, I go to school 5 days and have enough friends here with whom I can often laugh, with most of the teachers I have an excellent relationship and can talk well. I am not a shy boy and do not mind being in front of a class, I think this has to do with the fact that at home is almost as busy as a school class. In my free time I like to tinker with mopeds and motorcycles, this is where I can put my thoughts and focus fully. In a couple of years, I want to restore an old car together with my father, this should be my first car. I am really looking forward to it. I also do mountain biking with my brother-in-law(the father of my godson). Together with family and friends, we go into the woods every Sunday morning, through all weather conditions. A few times a year we go on a bike outing or dinner with the group, this is always great fun. We laugh a lot and always have a great time. As I think you were able to read in the letter, I don't have a standard life. This is also absolutely one thing I want to avoid, I prefer to experience as much as possible. I love adventure and always try to find it. Hence I think I am perfect for this exchange program, I love adventure and new things. Besides, I think it is very good for my development, this is an opportunity that almost no one gets. This is a chance to make memories that I will never forget. America has always appealed to me. Why do I think the program is made for me? It is something different from normal, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and something you will never forget. I have fallen more and more in love with America over the years, America is the country where anything is possible as I have often been told. I think this is what I find so unique about America, besides that, I love the atmosphere. Everything is big and special, do you think anything is big in the Netherlands? Then America must have it bigger. As soon as I see pictures or movies of American neighborhoods or typical American things I get happy, this is where I want to belong. when I saw a video of someone doing an exchange year I immediately fell in love. It felt like this was made for me. As I told you, I have a large family full of sociability. This is how we were raised by our parents, helping each other when we are struggling and being able to trust each other. We still go on vacation together and this is one of the highlights of the year, 2 of my sisters have a child Floris (1.5 years old) and Jip(8 months old). Floris is my godson, and of this, I am very proud. He is my best friend, and I try to be with him as much as possible. The best thing in life is making him laugh when I do something stupid, he is actually very much like me. A mama's boy who loves mischief. Later I would like to start my own business in engineering, which I do not yet know exactly but engineering has always appealed to me. Preferably to develop something in the world of engines, at the moment I am already trying to learn as much as possible about technique. I like to help my father at his work, my brother-in-law also works in engineering, I have a very good relationship with him and can often be found with him. He taught me to weld, which I find very fun and interesting to do. I hope through this letter I have given a good picture of myself, I look forward to seeing you in America of course. I want to thank you for your time and interest. Hope to see you soon. Kind regards. Pepijn

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Floor (30) Jasmijn (29) Maud (26) Pleun (23) Britt (23) Sterre (18)

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