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's Letter

Dear Host Family. Hello, my name is Maria, and I am going to talk to you about me and my life. I live in a village near Madrid, with my mom, my dad and with my 2 sisters. My mom's name is Beatriz, and my father's name is Miguel. My two sisters are Daniela and Alicia, and they're twins. They're one year younger than me. My mom works in the departament of human resources in the hospital. And my dad is a mathematic in a digital bank. I really enjoy spending time with my family, for example every Thursday when I go to my grandmother's house to eat with her and my cousins. Her food is the best in the world. My sisters are studing 2nd of ESO at the same high school as me. Now I'm studying 3rd of ESO in a french program. It means that I have almost all the subjects in french. After class, I have volleyball trainings three times a week, and I take painting and aereal silks classes. Then, I return home, and I do my homework, or I study. And if I have got the time I talk to my friends or I watch TV. To finish the day, I prepare dinner with my sisters while we talk about everything that has happend that day. Changing the subject, talking about my personality: I am a honest person, I always go with the truth in front. I'm also quite positive, I always trust that all is going to be ok. And I'm very hard-working, if I want something, I don't stop until I get it. I think I am as well empathic and creative. I’m also very trifle, so I love the summer because in Spain it’s very hot. I also like so much the winter, because christmas is (from my point of view) one of the most beautiful times of the year. But it’s extremly cold. I also like so much all the animals, but I specially love dogs they are so cute. However, I’ve never got one because my parents don’t like them. Last two summers I have work in my uncle's summer camp, as helper of monitor. With my sisters, we can't be monitors because we don't have 18 years yet. But I have the title of leisure premonitory. In this summer camp we prepare games and activities for the children. We also play with them in the swimmingpool and we teach them some sports like tennis, basketball or football. When the summer camp ends, I like to travel through Spain with my family. But my favourite week of the summer is the week of the festivities of my village. It's in the end of august. We stay there only one week, but I love it. Because is the only week I can see my friends of there. We are a group os friend of 16 people, and we're called " Al lio". In my village, we have a tradition: each group of friends choose and decorate a place and they prepare one snak. And later, in the afternoon, the adults try each one and decide wich one is the best. This summer we have done chopped sausage and French fries with ketchup. I think, that studining 1 year in USA is going to be an amazing experience. I will lern more english, and I will lern about different cultures and traditions. I also trust that, through me, you will get to know a little bit of Spain, it's culture, it's people... And I think it will be very interesting. To finish this letter, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you and live with you, I will always be grateful for this enormus symbol of Kindness. Really thank you. See you soon, María.

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