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Dear guest family, my name is Victoria. To get to know me a bit better, I would like to describe myself for you. In three years time I am going to leave school with a high school diploma. With my parents, my 12 year old sister and Maja, our dog, I live in a small town.I have a close relationship to my family. My little sister is very important for me so I spend a lot of time with her. With our dog Maja I often go for a walk and I love to play with her. I am a real family person. Regularly I help with the household for example by cleaning the dish washer or washing the clothes. My every day life starts by going to school in the morning. My dad drives me and my sister to school. The school starts at 8 am and ends about 4 pm. By tube and bus I go home after school. On Wednesdays the school is over at 1 pm. My favourite subjects are German, History and Sports. About midday I have an one hour break. During this time I have lunch together with my friends in our Refectory or go to some project groups called AGs. I visit the choir, the dance and the ,,Streitschlichter‘‘ AGs. There we are trained as arbitrators, which means that we learn how to help children settle their dispute. My hobbies are horseback riding and dancing. I have ridden since I was 6 years old and one of my biggest dreams is to have my own horse. In addition to riding I also learn how to dance traditional dances like the Waltz, Cha-Cha and Discofox. I also dance hip-hop. The ballett I started when I was 4 years old but I stopped doing it lately. There wasn´t enough time anymore. In my spare time I also like to play basketball and soccer with my friends. I am a very open-minded person who love to learn new things and is interested in a variety of different activities. I love to listen to pop music. During the last years I tried out several music instruments. At the moment I have started to learn how to play the guitar. Two times a week I work as a babysitter and look after two little girls, three and five years old. I love kids very much and always get on well with them. It would be great when there were some children in my host family as well especially a teenager about my own age. At the weekends I love to sleep late. Then I meet my friends and we go shopping, doing sports together or just chill a bit. On occasion I go for small trips with my family. I would describe me as an open person who is able to adapt well. I am very emotional, caring and socially. I love to be surrounded by people and talk to them. Additionally I am interested to get to know new things and discover different cultures. When I meet new people I seem to be a little bit shy at first because I am so excited. For two years I have dreamed to travel to the USA. One of my friends told me about the USA and inspired me straight away. Since then it has been my biggest dream to spend one year abroad in your country. There are so many high school films existing and I ask myself if these movies portray the real American teenage way of life. I would like to know how a daily teenage life looks like. I would love to see a football match where cheerleaders dance before and during the match. The atmosphere must be amazing. I also like to live abroad to become more independant and almost manage my life without my parents help. Furthermore I need to take more responsibility when I don´t life at home anymore. My future plans are to finish school with a good high school diploma. After that I would like to do an social year and travel around the world. Afterwards I am planning to study but I don´t know where and what. I prefer studying abroad as well. I would really appreciate you answering my letter and giving me the chance to stay with you. Thank You! With my best regards Victoria

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