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Dear Host Family, Nice to meet you, I hope you are doing well. My name is Natsuho, and I am honored to be a part of your family for 10 months, please let me first introduce myself. I am a student in Tokyo, Japan. I go to school every day and have classes except for Sunday. I belong to the basketball team and practice five times a week. I started playing basketball when I was in seventh grade. I feel good when I score a goal! I especially want to watch basketball games but also other sports games with you! Now, I want to introduce my family. We are a family of four including me, my older brother, and my parents. Our family is very close, and we always have dinner together and go on trips together! My father works for an IT company, and his hobby is camping. He usually goes camping about twice a month. My mother works for a cosmetic company, and her hobby is yoga. She usually does yoga once a week. She had been in New York for four years when she was a teenager because of her father’s business. My brother is four years older than me, and a university student. Recently, he has started to play lacrosse. When I was in fifth grade, I went to New York because my cousin lived in New Jersey. Then I saw various races I had never seen before, and I fell in love with the streets and the night view. It had a great impact in me. I admire the diversity of cultures in the US, and I want to understand them to become a cosmopolitan person. This is why I joined this program. I have three hobbies that I enjoy doing. First, I love making sweets!! I often make sweets when I have no club activities. Now I am on summer vacation, so I make sweets three times a week. Recently, I made Scone, Cannelé, Madeleine, and Jellies. Everyone in my family like the sweets I make, so I would make sweets for you! I want to make as many sweets as possible. For example, I can make Pound Cakes, Cream puffs, Scones, Cheesecakes, and Donuts! Second, I love watching Korean TV dramas!! I can’t choose my best drama because I think all Korean TV dramas are interesting. But the one I am watching “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. I like all genres of Korean TV dramas. I often go to Shin-Okubo with my friends! There are many delicious Korean restaurants. I often eat fried chickens, gimbap, and tteok-bokki. I often cook them at my home. I also like listening to Korean pop music. I got interested in cooking since I started watching Korean TV dramas, so I want to cook various foods with my host family. I would like to cook Japanese foods, too. For example, I cook curry &rice and okonomiyaki! I would like to make my original hamburger by making patty and buns. After the meals, I will wash the dishes and clear the table. Most importantly, I would like to help with all housework. Third, I love swimming! I started swimming when I was five years old. Now I can swim front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly! I also like snorkeling in the ocean, so if there is an opportunity, I want to go to the ocean with my host family. I want to go not only to the ocean but also to many places with my host family that I can only go to in the US. For example, Times Square, Yellowstone, Golden Gate Bridge, and so on. I have two dreams for the future. First, I am interested in becoming a pastry chef. That is because I love making sweets! When I am making sweets, I can concentrate perfectly. And I am free of distractions. I love this moment! After studying in the US, I want to study confectionery making in Europe. I want to go to France or Italy because those countries are very famous for sweets. I have not decided on the genre of sweets to study yet. But now I like making Cannelé the best! In the future, I want to send recipes for sweets to the world in English! Second, I am interested in becoming a translator. I love watching Korean TV dramas. I can understand a little Korean language, but I look at Japanese subtitles when I watch Korean TV dramas. The translated subtitles are always simple, so translators need that type of skill. I think it is important to get rid of the different nuances when translating. After studying in the US, I want to study the Korean language. In the future, I would like to translate American TV dramas, too. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to study in the US. When I go to the US, I will introduce a lot of things about Japan, and I hope it will be an opportunity for everyone to get to know Japan. Most importantly, I would also like to learn a lot about American culture!! I am looking forward to meeting you. Best Wishes, Natsuho

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