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's Letter

Hey new family!! I hope all is well with you there! First of all, I would like to thank you and say that I am so grateful for you opening the door of your house and family for me! My name is Alícia, I live in a small town in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. I go to the gym and practice three sports: tennis at the club on Wednesdays, volleyball at school on Fridays, and figure skating on Saturday. I love dancing and singing because they are activities that help me relax and create new things. I really love figure skating and everything I know and understand today about figure skating was due to my own merits and persistence. I started watching video lessons on YouTube in the garage at home and today I have an incredible balance and skill on the wheels! I would love to be an FBI agent and serve the American flag. They are not wrong, I really like the ideia of being a criminologist, studying crime scenes and trying to catch criminals by the evidence they leave behind. But my dream since childhood is to try to enter the artistic world by being an actress. I always fell in love with the texts of the plays, the personality of each character, the characteristics, the costumes, the scenery, and being on the stage was the best part. I love books and I am almost always reading; I don’t go out much because of this hobby. My favorite series is a cartoon called Miraculous Ladybug; I know it is a children’s cartoon but a like the story. At school, I am part of the student’s association and i have a good relationship with all my teachers and school staff. In particular, I have a great relationship with my history teacher, who helps me to make some decisions for the future. I already have two best friends; we met this year and we share the same tastes. My favorite food is shrimps. Favorite fruit is grapes. Favorite dessert is ice cream and brigadeiro. Favorite drink is orange juice. And I really hate beans, picles and arugula. I live with my parents, my older brother, my dog and my bunny. My father is a great companion and always does everything to make everyone happy. My mom is a good listener and always gives good advices. My brother is my gym partner and we sing together (he plays the guitar). We got my little dog during the pandemic, it was a dream come true. My bunny is everything to me, we have a surreal connection that I can’t even explain. Here in Brazil we have th habit of getting together a lot, especially during barbecues, and my family is not different. We are always together celebrating and I really enjoy spending these moments with them. Here is a little bit of me for you!! Thanks again for the opportunity to make a dream come true, I hope see you soon!!

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Anthony (24)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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