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Dear Host Family, I’m Chiara and I’ve always had the dream to live an experience in the USA and finally this dream is becoming real! Do you know this childhood dream that you have always had in your life since you were little? Here I am, and I’m so excited to tell that I’m going to live everything that I always dreamed of since I was a little baby. It sounds surreal to write this letter, but let’s start. I’m blonde with blue eyes, I look a lot like my aunt and my grandfather, I’m their exact copy! I live In Italy, with my mum, my dad and my two oldest brothers who are 24 and 21, but it’s not over because I live with five pets, three cats and two dogs. I love animals. Just in case, if you’ll have animals, I’ll be the happiest person on Earth! I live near my grandparents, my uncle and my aunt. I grew up with my two brothers and my two cousins, you could imagine how it was to be the only female among four males. I have a strong character and they’ve always respected me. I’ll tell you something about them! Let’s start with my dad: at first, he seems a serious person, but trust me that he’s the cutest and most sensitive person that I’ve ever met; I and him usually cook together, while we sing some songs, we prepare lots of dishes and we have lot of fun! I’m the best at cooking pasta, of every type, and it’s my favorite dish, from spaghetti to lasagna. I always eat everything, rarely there’s something that I don’t like, from vegetables to fruits, from meat to fish, and I admit that here in Italy the food is delicious, but I’m ready to taste the real American one. My mother is awesome, we are so close, we spend a lot of time together and I tell her everything! My oldest brother loves staying in nature and he fixes tractors as a job. My other brother is totally different than the other one, we usually go shopping, have fun at home, we spend lot of time together! With my family, I like doing some walks with Rocky and Kira, that are my lovely dogs. Since I was a child, my parents usually used to bring me and my brothers to do lots of travels, to Italy and abroad. We’ve always preferred the seaside to the mountain, but I adapt to everything. One of my hobbies is in fact travel! I attend a touristic high school where I study 3 languages: English, French and Spanish. I’m an outgoing girl, I love staying among lots of people and talking with them, comparing my ideas and my thoughts, and I make friends very easily because I love integrating myself with people of different cultures. I’m a responsible girl and I respect others, and all my friends tell me that I’m a sunny girl. I’ve always been sure to do this experience and I rarely give up on something. I can’t wait to be there and to live this experience to the fullest! One of my biggest hobbies is music, and consequently, concerts and I usually go with my mum to see them. One of the most important people to me, is my best friend, we grew up together and she is the sister that I’ve never had. I have lots of more friends, that I’ve met at school and out, they’re fundamental in my life. One of my biggest dreams would be to become a cheerleader and I hope it could be possible to practice it once in the USA. I’ve been dancing since I was 4, and I love it. All my friends and relatives have supported me in my decision to do this year abroad since the beginning. I thank you in advance for choosing me, and I’m sure that we will have beautiful moments together. I’m ready to go to the other part of the world and leave Italy. I promise you that I’ll be a good daughter and I’ll help you when you’ll need it, and I hope you too for me. It will be an awesome experience for me but I hope also for you. Thank you for hosting me. Chiara

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Luca (24) Simone (21)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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