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Dear Host family, My name is Lya. I am a student. From grade 1 to grade 2 I was in Science-English option, from grade 3 to grade 4 in Science-Greek-English option and now I am in Science forte and Math 6 until my last. My facilitators are in Science and Math, and I like less French, Geography, etc. I have no problem with school, I like to go there, it makes us go out and meet people, I hate loneliness a bit. I have two sisters, my little one (Nell) is 13 years old and roller skates, Yaël (my older sister) is 19 years old and is studying to be a teacher, so I am the middle one, I know what it means to live with others and to take into account the well being of everyone. I am the most extroverted of the family, I like to say what I think with respect, it is one of the most important values for me without that the world would not function. On the other hand, clumsiness is my biggest flaw. I'm the kind of person who takes a place where I go. Once I get going I have a hard time stopping talking! Let's talk about my habits, I don't really like routine. Every week I to go to the gym during 10h30, it was a priority in my life for a long time. Now I've grown up my interests have changed, but I still go mostly to keep in touch with my teacher, who is like my second mother, she's been teaching me for 7 years. I also give gym classes to 10 year old girls and psychomotricity in an association. On Saturdays I do the youth movement, my totem is "Beira" it's a mountain antelope she climbs and runs around, a bit like me very active in my life. Otherwise I like to see my friends, talk, hang out, do activities (move). My friends are one of the most important things for me. I don't need to study much for school, most of the time I just have to listen and it comes in by itself, except for some exceptions. I work on average 1 hour a day maximum. I would like to do this experience because I need English for my future job and it's a once in a lifetime experience, I couldn't do it at 40, well who knows! I've been talking to my parents about it for 4 years, they must be fed up with it in the end and it's probably the best decision they've made about me in their lives. That's why I chose the English option at school. I like to live freely, I'm autonomous, I don't think I'll miss my parents, maybe a little but my desire to go on this adventure is bigger than anything. I want to live the school of there, too much desire to have another family to discover and spend a year, the culture which is not the same as in Belgium. A friend of mine gave me her opinion about me for you: I am generous, I bring good mood and a lot of second degree, extremely optimistic, I do not like bad mood, I am comprehensive and there for the others, a little too fringe on the edges. I might have a hard time with English at first but I won't give up. Looking forward to meeting you, thank you in advance for your hospitality ;) Lya

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Yaël (20) Nell (14)

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