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Dear family, My name is Chimo. Chimo means Joaquín, and it is a usual diminutive here in Spain. I am very excited to travel to your country. It is challenging but I'm confident that it will be a great adventure. I consider myself to be a very open-minded person, because I respect all kind of peoples and opinions – provided they are not hurting others or are racists or offensive. My parents say that I have strong opinions about almost everything in life, but I listen to others’ opinions and I change my mind if I agree. Also, I consider myself to be very sociable. I like to make friends and to hang out with them. I might seem serious at the beginning but that is because I’m a bit shy. I guess that until I learn the language better I might stay serious more than once. I have always been an independent person. Sometimes I like to have my space and organize it my way. However, I also like a lot to have family moments. When I'm alone, on my own, I like, apart from designing and sewing, listening to music and watching movies. I am a big fan of urban Latin music and a fan of horror movies, even though I rarely get my sister to watch them with me, because she has a terrible time. I live with my mother and my sister, in a house on the beach. We have a large garden with a giant tree that gives us shade all summer, and a wooden house, where I usually go to watch my movies, draw or design. We have a dog named Luvina. We took it from a shelter a year ago. She is still scared of strangers and she loves being just with us, to wake us up in the mornings, to lay besides us when we are studying, or to run and jump in front of the house. When a stranger approaches, she immediately hides! I really like dogs, cats, not so much but maybe because I've never had one. My mother is allergic to cats, and so is my father's wife. The kitchen overlooks the garden, so we spend most of the year at the table on that terrace. As long as it's not too cold, that's where we have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have social gatherings. The living room is used by few; we do not watch much TV. My mother is a university professor and consultant in a virtual reality company. She works most of the time at home and travels from time to time. She loves to paint and does it really well. Her paintings are great. She says I inherited that I like to paint from her. My sister is 17 yo and last year she did the J1 program in Oklahoma. She wants to study something related to European projects. My parents are divorced since I was 6 years old. They get along well together and have a lot of common friends, so it’s never been a problem for the family. My father lives with his wife and her daughter in Barcelona. He is the director of a tea company, they have many stores in Spain and all over the world. He loves playing the guitar but playing instruments is not something I've inherited - my sister has. His wife works with him. We see each other very often, because he also has a house in Alicante, and they spend quite a lot of time here. On my father's side, I have four uncles and two cousins. On my mother's side, I have four other uncles and four cousins. My relationships with my whole family is very close. I consider myself a family person so I would love my host family to have some children my age or similar, and ideally aunts, uncles and cousins visiting from time to time. Also, having children my age would help me with making new friends. By the way, I do great with friends older than me. Usually, my friends are 2 – 3 years older. They say I’m mature for my age. I've always liked arts and creativity, and two years ago I started designing and sewing, first just to see the results and after a while I started designing, sewing and selling clothes to my friends. I know it is not usual to have that hobby at my age, and I notice the surprise when they look at me - with my 14 years, my height and voice - but I like it very much and I know someday I will find my job in the fashion industry. I really like to have an interest that entertains me so much. Previously, when I was quite young, I used to paint, then I created jewlery and now it's creating clothes what I'm into. Finally, I want to say that I’m very excited with the idea of spending a whole year in your country. For me, it involves changing completely the scenario in which I’ve grown up, meeting new places and people, and hopefully creating links with the host family and the new friends that could last forever! I’m very excited to learn about American culture and traditions, which I have only seen in movies or series. I will do my best to adapt to your family and community and to get the best of this experience. Look forward to meeting you soon, Chimo

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