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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for being willing to participate in the exchange program and accepting me to live with your family. I am a girl from Germany and I'm currently in 10th grade. I think next year I would be a junior in the USA. I'm a person who really likes to travel and I like exploring new things. I think traveling is really important when it comes to getting to know other cultures, languages and even new people. That's why I want to do a year abroad in America to learn about a different culture, to improve my English and to make friends somewhere else in the world. I have also participated in different English Camps. This summer for example, I spent two weeks in Malta. I lived with two girls together in a Host Family and it was an interesting and new experience. Besides traveling I really like to read or to do my hobby Irish dance. I would describe myself as a straightforward, fun-loving and interested person but on the other hand I'm calm and also a bit shy. German is my native language and I look forward in becoming fluent in English and French someday. Altogether I'm really interested in learning new languages and I hope to join different clubs at my school. Not only in languages but also in sport activities like dancing, cheerleading, tennis etc. I hope to be able to try out new and fun activities at school. Maybe there will also be a possibility to continue my hobby Irish dance. I live together with my parents and I have three older sisters. They are 29,23,21 years old and they already moved out so it's just me and my parents. I really love spending time with them. I'm looking forward to also have host-siblings and to become a part of your family as well. After my graduation I want to go to college and study maybe psychology or something with economics. I hope to be able to study abroad like in France for a year and I want to be able to live in different cities. I think the most important part of the German culture is the food and the festivals. I would love to tell you about the famous Oktoberfest, it's the biggest folk festival in the world. But I really hope to get to know your culture and traditions too. I'm really excited to spend a year abroad in America and to be a part of your family. I hope to have unforgettable memories with you and my new friends! Warm Regards, Stella

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German (native), English (6 years), French (5 years)



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