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Skiing or Snowboarding
Playing Piano or Musical Instruments
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Band or Orchestra
Painting or Drawing

Max Leo

's Letter

Hello future host family, my name ist Leo and I´m from Bavaria, near Munich. I´m in my tenth year of school and I intend to do a year abroad in the following year. My two main passions are playing basketball and guitar and I`d be very happy if I could continue with these in my year when I`m with you. I also play Golf (golfers certificate) and I love to do kite surfing. Therefore I visited in the two past years Sardinia with my dad. The constant wind over there is perfect! But to get back to my main passions I just wanted to add that I`m in general very much into music and sports. I`m watching NBA games almost every day and I like most of music genres except for German rap but I think you`re not listening to it :) I also love cars and I think my dad inspired me, because he has some vintage cars. I love pets and if you have one or even more I´m totally fine with that. One last passion I`d like to mention is skiing. I do it every winter since 12 years and I`m btw. 15 right now. I`m turning 16 in December. In my everyday life I meet a lot with friends. Often outside on the court but sometimes also in my or my friends house to play video games. But I also try to keep focused on school and sports. I have training four times a week and occasional games on weekend. If I don’t have practise I learn for school especially now because school becomes harder and harder. My motivation is collecting experiences with you, my host family, your culture and habits. For example I would be interested how you’re celebrating Thanksgiving. Here in Europe I can’t really imagine how its procedure is. Hollywood showed me a lot of impressions and I wanna find out whether it’s like Hollywood or even better. I would like to express my biggest thanks in advance for wanting me in your family and I will do my best to make sure we have a great time. Kind regards Leo

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