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Dear Host Family, Hier een zin in het Nederlands…. Misschien kan ik jullie ook iets leren over mijn land & cultuur. (Over here a sentence in Dutch… maybe I can also learn you about my country & culture :-) But no doubt about it, I would love to be a part of your family and looking forward to learning all about the real American lifestyle & the language. D: Delighted I like sports and enjoy active moments. I enjoy being with my friends. In my home country I love to catch up with my friends and go to the movies, watch sunsets, and laugh very hard. I also like to visit concerts and festivals. I used to be a member of our local drama society. I really enjoyed practicing, rehearsing, and dressing up and finally the performance. U: U.S.A. I've never been to America, but I can't wait to visit you. Because I've never been to America, I would like to gain more experience about the country. And learn more about the culture. I Also want to improve my English skills and hope to speak English fluently. America has always been one of my favorite countries. I am very grateful, thanks to the host family, that I have the opportunity to experience a year of High School. And that this hospitable family wants to share the American way of life and culture with me. I see this as a unique opportunity to experience everyday life in a home environment. I hope to end up with a host family where I am feeling comfortable and feel like a second home. N: Netherlands I was born in the 'cheese city' and have been living in a small village in the north of the Netherlands for 16 years now. I love the Netherlands because I was born & raised there and because my whole family lives here. Also because of the various seasons that we have here. In the winter it's cold and if I'm lucky, I can skate on the ditches in our village. In the spring and summer, I enjoy cycling to school. And I can enjoy a game of tennis in the evening. I also love the typical Dutch food such as licorice, croquettes, and apple sauce. Y: Young I live with my parents Emile & Kirsten. I also have an older sister Indiah (19 years) and brother Vin (14 years). My relationship with my parents is very good and we often spend time together like, playing games, cooking, and baking, celebrating birthdays, and going on holidays. I go shopping with my sister and we are on a soccer team together. My brother has a great sense of humor. Sometimes I take my brother to school on a scooter. Or I help him with doing his homework. We have a dog Brutus, a Yorkshire terrier, who is 8 years old. He is very sweet and likes to lie with me. We also have 2 turtles. A: Adventurous Making contact with people but also discovering new things ensures that I have a broad interest. I like to discover other cultures and customs. During the holidays with my family, I like to experience the culture, the people, and the food. I'm a sporty girl who loves being sportive. I have already practiced various sports like, swimming, skiing, turning, hockey, skating and of course soccer and tennis. In the end I am still playing soccer and tennis. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings I train with my soccer team and on Sunday we play the match. I play tennis on Monday evenings and participate in the spring- and fall competition. I like it and it gives me energy! I really like to go on vacation. We have already been to several countries like; Spain, Curacao, and Austria. We have a caravan in Spain where we go almost every summer. I like the Spanish food, the warm weather, swimming in the sea and enjoying the sun. The people there are also very nice and hospitable. In winter we always go skiing in Austria. I love the wonderful snow, the beautiful mountains and being active all day long. And then playing games with the family in the evening is fun. My mother Kirsten is half Indian and half Dutch. So that makes me ¾ Dutch and ¼ Indian. My mother has a large family, about 100 relatives and we all see each other twice a year. In January we always go bowling together and in June, we organize a big barbeque. My father has a smaller family, but we see them often. I have a very good relationship with my parents. But we are also very independent. My parents work so sometimes we must make sure dinner is ready. We also help with the household and occasionally do the shopping. My parents are very positive and have a lot of confidence in me. That's why I'm not afraid to gain new experiences. I have lots of interests in many different things but I have a passion for fashion and social media. In the future, I would like to pursue a study where I combine both. But maybe after a year in the United States, I will discover new qualities and change my mind. I already can't wait to meet you and become a part of your family! Kind regards, Dunya.

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Indiah (19) Vin (14)

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