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's Letter

Dear Family, Thank you so much for being willing to participate in the exchange program and accepting me to live with your family. My name is Maria and I live in a big city on the coast with my sister and my parents. My sister is same age, we are twins. She is very smart and generous. We go to the same school, but in different classes. Our school is in the same town where we live. We have to wear uniforms: sport uniforms when we have physical education and official uniforms on other days. My father is 51 years old. He is organized and very kind. He studied physics at the university and works as a computer functional analyst. Sometimes he works from home. The last member and more important for me is my mom. She is 48 years old. She is loving and a hard-working person. She studied biology at the university and works as a computer functional analyst, just like my father. Sometimes she also works from home. I have very close relations with all my family, especially with my sister because we are the same age. We do a lot of activities and have many friends in common. We share clothes and we help us each other with studies. My maternal grandparents live in another city near from us. We usually go on Saturdays to dinner to their house, it takes 10 minutes by car. Sometimes they do a barbecue and come my uncle too. My paternal grandparents, live further away, 40 minutes by car. We go to visit them every time we can, like the traditional Christmas dinner, or to celebrate some birthdays, then come a lot of people of my family, I pass a great time with all of them. I have 4 cousins, we see them when we visit my grandparents. Also I have two pets: a rabbit and a cat. The cat was rescued from the street. He is very good and loving, in spite of being rescued he is very calm. I take care of them and like playing with them. Another important person in my family is our au pair. She was with us when my sister and me were 11 years old. Although she is from Germany she taught us English and shared her country's culture with us. We continue speaking with her. Twice a year we see each other, sometimes she comes to our home and sometimes we go to visit her in Germany. Now I’m going to talk about myself and why I want to be an exchange student. To describe me in a few words, I am: outgoing, fun, hard-working, creative, generous, and loving person. I like to help people who have a problem. I am a morning person, I always get up at 8:00 or 8:30 and normally I sleep at 22:00 or 23:00. Sometimes I am a bit shy, but when I feel confident with someone I am very nice and talkative. I like to help at home like ordering my room, going to the supermarket or cooking some dishes. My hobbies are: athletics. spending time with friends, sports, skiing, horse riding, go shopping, listen to music, playing board games, having dinner with pasta or a burger or traveling and watching movies. I love traveling and experience new cultures. The last July I was a month in Ireland with a host family and I really love it! I like going out more than staying at home although sometimes I also like watching TV shows or playing board games. Since my mother asked me if I want to be an exchange student, it has been a dream for me. I really want to go to the USA, live with a host family, to be a part of your community and go to a High School. I would like to share my culture with you and, of course I would like to improve my level of English. I’m looking forward to have breakfast and dinner with you, get to know you better and to tell about myself. I would like to take part of American Community helping there and having the opportunity to volunteer. It makes me happy to help people. I would like to go on a somewhere, meet your grandparents, aunts, cousins, and friends, and spend time playing board games or watching movies so you can show me the American culture. I would like to be part or the American’s Education System, I think it has something special that helps students to achieve their goals. If you want, I would like to cook our most typical Spanish dishes. After my exchange year I want to continue my studies and go to the University. I'm still not sure what I want to study at the university but I think it will be something related to helping people because I really like helping people. For the last I want to say thanks to my future host family, to let me the opportunity to live with you. It is a great chance. I will enjoy the best I can and it will be the best year. To do this experience is a dream for me. Thank you very much. Maria

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Claudia (15)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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