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Dear host family, first of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and express my gratitude for considering me as your future host student. We do not know each other, so I will try to tell you more about me, my life in Germany and my dream of an exchange year in the U.S. in the next lines. My name is Franziska, but everyone just calls me Franzi and I am a 15-year-old German girl who is currently visiting tenth grade. I love traveling and exploring new cultures and landscapes. It has always been my dream to do an academic year in America and experiencing a whole new culture in the meantime. I live with my mom Anja, my dad Heiko and my sister Zoe in a flat in a middle-sized city in Germany. My mom is working as a commercial department manager and my dad works from home for his self-founded company. My sister who is three and a half years older than me studies at a university to become a teacher for history, physics and PE. We love camping and going on hiking trips in the nature. We also own two bunnies for about two years now. Their names, Karl and Elli, are inspired by the Disney movie “UP”. They are really cute. I like spending time with my family and I hope I become a part of your family as well. A big part of my life is also meeting my friends and hanging out with them. We always have a great time. I love baking, watching movies and playing company games with them. They always brighten my day and make me smile when I am sad. I am really grateful for having them in my life. I would love making new international friends in this year. I am currently visiting the tenth grade of a science school in my hometown. Science school means that we have more lessons of physics, chemistry, math and biology in a week than normal schools. My favorite subjects are math, music, PE, German and English. I like going to school even though it is hard sometimes. I am a creative, fun-loving, generous, optimistic and ambitious person and I have a passion for music. Listening to music has always been one of my favorite things because it brings up so many different emotions and so I wanted to try it myself. I started taking piano lessons four years ago and I enjoy it so much. I also try to teach me a bit of the guitar through books and YouTube videos right now. It is pretty hard because I do not really have somebody who can help me when I have questions, but I still try to keep it going. Last year I decided to take singing lessons and join the choir at my school too. Through the school choir I met so many great people and I hope I can join a choir at the high school too. Is this realizable? If this is not possible, I understand that and I will choose another club like a sport club or a drama club. I want to enjoy this year to the fullest, so I plan to try out new things and hobbies. Another hobby I do for almost ten years is gymnastics. Even though I do not participate in competitions anymore, I really enjoy it. I practice every week for two hours and it is calming me down. It is a great balance to school and that is why I never quitted. To be honest, I do not know which job I want to do in the future, but I want to do something which I am passionate about. I could imagine going into the music industry or studying something in a medical direction. I plan to travel a lot after I graduate. Whatever I decide to do, I want to be sure that I like what I do and that I am happy about it. As I said before, it has always been a dream of mine to live in America. I think this will have a big impact on my future life. It will be my first big step that will strengthen not just my independence, but also my self-confidence. I am already so excited to experience the daily life in a different culture. I want to experience all the holidays, Homecoming and Prom since all of these are not really present in Germany. Learning how to speak proper English while dreaming my childhood dream would be such a big advantage too. I am looking forward to get to know you an I am so thankful that you consider hosting me for one year. So I hope I will hear from you and even more to be a part of your family. Kind regards, Franzi

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