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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for having me in your family, I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person. I’m a 14 year old boy from Germany who just finished 8th grade. When I join you, I will be 15 years and will have finished the 9th grade. I always wanted to go to the US, not only because I love basketball. I'm just curios about the way you live, about high school, about sports. In the city we live our house is in the suburbs, near the woods. My brother Max and I can go to school by bike and the sport clubs are also near by. We have dinner together as a family in the evening, even though my dad spends a lot of time working abroad. I think we're a good team. Both of our grandparents live about an hour away from us, so that we can see them from time to time. I have already been living abroad twice. The first time I was really small, when I moved with my family to Amsterdam. Three years ago we moved to Paris for one and a half years. There my brother and I joined the British School of Paris which was really nice. I liked all the different students there and they were very welcoming. I was so disappointed when we had to switch to remote learning because of covid. The curfew in Paris was really strict so we couldn't see anybody in person for months. Now back in Germany I'm still in touch with the friends I made over there. I hope to make new friends in the US as well. I'm looking so much forward to go to high school. As far as I know you have many different subjects that we don't have here. Here in our school a lot of students go away for a high school year and they all say that it was a great experience. I hope to have a great time in America, to learn about your way of living and to become a part of the community. At the same time I hope to bring my home country a bit closer to you as well. Thank you so much for having me. Kind rergards, Tom

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