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Dear host family, My name is Pietro. I live in Italy in a town by the sea and I am very happy to write this letter to make myself known in the best way. My family is made up of five people: my parents, my brother, my sister and me. We also have a cat. My relationship with my family is very good. I love spending time with them talking and share ideas. We have traveled together: we went to Austria, Egypt, France, Spain, Sardinia and Sicily. I feel a strong bond with them, which will surely keep us connected even when I'll be miles away. I am attending high school, where I made friends with my classmates. I am happy with my school and my favorite subjects are Mathematics, Philosophy and Art. My group of friends is precious, we all love one another, but I consider only some of them as my best friends. I really have an almost fraternal bond with them. Difficult to explain certain feelings through words but I would do everything for them because they have always been there for me and I have always done the same for them. I feel that even if I'll be in the USA, I would still be able to maintain a strong bond, they are like a second family and I have so many beautiful memories with them. My main passions are drawing, music and sport. I have always loved to draw and imagine fantastic worlds where I can create characters and stories: knights, dwarves, dragons, castles, monsters of all kinds are the subjects that I love to draw in this period. I also love to draw comics and people with a more comic and stylized style. I have been following this passion since I was born and since the first drawings I made in kindergarten, then I never stopped, my pen always wants to draw, and I support it. I love music. When I listen to music I relax, I feel alive and carefree, I connect songs to feelings and memories to melodies, I still remember the songs I used to listen to in the car with my mom when I came back from elementary school. This great love inevitably led me to want to create my own music, starting to play an instrument, so in the seventh grade I decided to approach the piano with some self-taught results, then came the ukulele in eighth grade which was a Christmas gift that I loved, as a self-taught. I learned to play the ukulele by strumming songs and creating my own without lyrics, then, in first grade, I decided to start an acoustic guitar course and it was love at first sight. Since then,I have been playing the guitar and it is one of the passions I most love to cultivate. Regarding sports, I have been practicing karate since the age of 6. I approached this sport thanks to my father who wanted me and my brother to know how to defend each other. Since then I have never stopped fighting and learning. What karate gave and is still giving me is discipline, perseverance and patience. I am a very open, happy, cheerful, outgoing guy and I love challenges! In fact this year abroad for me would test myself and all the people I love such as my family, my friends and my relatives. I have chosen to undertake this journey to get involved, it is an important chapter in my life that I am ready to face. My goals during the experience are: to become even more mature, even more confident, meet new friends and interesting people, have new experiences with which to enrich my life to better face the future. America is the perfect place, everything is completely different from Italy so I can't wait to test myself to get to know your culture by giving you a piece of mine as well. After this year I don't have a very precise idea of ​​what I will do after school. I will certainly go to university but the goal of my year abroad is to get to know me better, to grow and really understand what I want to become or, at least, to make an idea of it. I hope to create a beautiful relationship with you by making new experiences and growing together. I will try to do everything possible to make you live a wonderful year! Thank you for hosting me! Pietro

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