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Dear future host family, I’m Fabrizio and now I’d like to introduce myself so that you can know something about me. I live in a city located in the north of Italy. In the city where I live there are many ancient buildings which date back to the Roman Era and other historical monuments, but it's a modern city too. It offers a lot of shops and other public institutions. I’m a very determined person; maybe it was precisely this determination and obviously the great interest in English that prompted me to apply for this program and here I am taking one of the most important steps. I practiced gymnastics since I was a child and I’ve loved it for all this time, but then because of the pandemic I had to stop. I’m very lively, as a matter of fact I always want to do something and try different things Talking about school, I attend a foreign languages High School, in which the main subjects are languages. Apart from English, I'm able to speak two other languages, that is French and German, that I started to study it when I was 14 years old. About my family and my friends there are many important things that I would like to mention; the most important is the support from my parents and from my big brother, about all of my choices but above all about this decision to move abroad for 10 months. My very close friends are two; one of them is a classmate who has been in my class from elementary school to High School, she knows everything about me: in all moments of my life she has always been next to me, our bond has grown year by year. The other important friend for me is a classmate that I met in Middle School. Despite the little time I spent with her, we have a strong friendship. Together, the three of us spent the last summer holidays in a very stunning and breathtaking island near the Italian coast. With my family I spend enough time together and we often watch TV series and films. I like baking cakes and other desserts, but I especially enjoy eating! I really eat everything; from vegetables to meat, from salty to sweet foods and I like spicy food too. During the school year, I don’t have a lot of time to spend for myself, but generally, at the weekend, besides studying, I see my friends. I think seeing other places and becoming part of another family, so adapting to new habits is really exciting. I also like the idea of starting a new school. There are also many activities you can do at school in the USA and you can choose what subjects you want to study; here there are more than 10 compulsory subjects and few activities, so I am extremely exciting to start this experience. I am thrilled to have made the choice to join this exchange program in the USA, it will be an experience that will leave me a lot and will certainly change my way of thinking. I chose that destination because I’ve never been there and I am very curious to see how people live on the other side of the world. I cannot wait to be abroad to study and to live with a second family, who is kind enough to host a student. I can say that I will be a good exchange student because I’m very polite, mature and responsible and I’m ready to respect all the rules. I want to thank you in advance for hosting me and I am looking forward to meeting you! Fabrizio

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Lorenzo (21)

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