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Dear Hostfamily, Thank you so much for helping me to participate in the best experiency of my life and accepting me to live with your family. My name is Isabela, and I’m a brazilian girl. Since I was young, I have always dreamed with this opportunity, and starting to live this moment is incredible. I have always been creative, and wanted to meet the world, that is the main reason I want to do the exchange program. I would like to visit different places, learn more about the American culture, traditions and experience unforgettable moments. I’m very funny, artistic, outgoing, academic and mainly a very affectionate person. I live with my parents, and my 13-years old sister and I love them very much. I would like to have a brother or a sister to keep me company, talk, have fun and have someone I can trust. Both of my parents are veterinary graduates, so I was always in contact with pets. Since I was a child I have had many animals such as dogs, cats, rabbit, tortoise, fishes, even birds, so I have a way with animals. As I mentioned I like to explore my creativity, so I like to paint natural landscapes and to draw fashion outfits. My father is a businessman and, like him, I would like to have my own company. I am a very determined and focoused person. I have been taking English classes since I was very young, and at school I already had Spanish classes, but I only know the basics, I’m looking forward to becoming fluent in English. My grades at school are really great and I never had any problems with studing. I love going to gym, exercising makes me really happy. Although I would like to explore some things that I don't have the opportunity to here in Brazil, like joining school clubs, taking acting classes or volunteering. In addition, I will be pleased to share with you a lit bit of Brazilian culture. Brazil is a big and beautiful country, with even more beautiful traditions and cultures. I would like to show you more than soccer and carnival, like amazing foods like brigadeiro, a famous party candy made of chocolate, or the coxinha, a delicious finger food. My family always teached me that respect is really essential to every part of our lives, so it's something that's very important to me. I am super exiciting to become part of your family, and have unforgettable memories. Thank you so much for the attencion! Warm Regard! Isabela

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Portuguese (native), English (10+ years), Spanish (1 year)



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Leticia (13)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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