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Dear Host Family, first of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter. My name is Sara, and I’m Italian. My name comes from the Hebrew Sarah and it means princess. I am sweet, brave and have great perseverance. I am a very determined person, if I set myself a goal, I would do everything I can to accomplish that, I hardly give up. I am also a caring person, I always look after the person I care and I try to help them anytime they have a problem. I love to make people happy, seeing them smiling brings me happiness. I always try to help everyone and I will do that with you too of course whenever you will ask. When I am alone, I am very calm and I’m obedient. I am also a diligent teenager that get really serious when in an important situation. I was born in Italy and I grew up with both my parents and my twin. We are a very united family, I love them with my whole heart, my twin and I are really close and since we have the same age we share a lot of interest, we have lots of friends in common too. I am currently attending a linguistic high school, foreign languages have always been something that fascinates me and I enjoy study them very much. Right now, the languages I’m studying, without considering my native language are English, which I’ve been studying for a very long time, French and Mandarin Chinese, of course my level of knowledge of this last two languages is not as much as the one I have of English because I have only studied them in my high school journey. It might seem a bit uncommon but I found Mandarin Chinese easier than French maybe because I have more of a photography memory so it’s easier for me to remember the different Chinese characters than the French grammar rules. I like studying and I’ve always been a good student and I put into my studies a lot of effort. Once I’ve graduated from high school I’ll apply to University, I would like to study criminology, is a career that I found really fascinating and interesting. Currently my favourites subjects are English, of course, and Mandarin Chinese. My love for the foreign languages and specially for the English started when I was in primary school thanks to the English teacher, she taught us the language with passion and joy, passion that made me fall in love with it and growing up, this feeling, only became stronger. When I was 8 years old my family and I leaved for a two weeks trip to U.S.A. where we visited the city of Orlando and some of his theme park like the Universal Studios one and my favourite the Walt Disney one than we visited Miami and after that we went to the Bahamas. Once I came back to my country, I realised how much I liked that specific trip, I fell in love with everything there and I wanted to explore more of that big and beautiful country so as soon as I heard about the possibility to became an exchange student in the U.S.A. I knew it was something that I had to do. My little self wouldn’t believe that finally she’ll be able to get to know and experience the life of the country she fell in love with. It's like a dream come true! When I’m not studying, I like to hang out with my friends, we really enjoy going to the cinema or having lunch together and talk about what’s going on in our life and what’s new, we often get together and eat an ice cream, especially during summer and do some shopping. Usually this happens during the weekends because we don’t have school or sport practice. I frequently go shopping with my family too, we all enjoy spending a day together without having to worry about homework ok work. Going out or staying with the people I care about always fills my heart with joy and happiness. Another thing I really like to do when I’m not busy with school is going to the gym. Growing up I’ve always been an athletic person: when I was three, I started taking swimming lessons and I’ve continued this sport for eight years. During the last two years of swimming I also did artistic gymnastics, which still my favourite sport in the world and I continued practicing it until Covid-19 started, then I decided to quit artistic gymnastics and now I go to the gym. Other things I love to do are travelling, I love sightseeing travels and exploring places that were unknown to me, reading and cooking. I really love cooking, especially sweets, I usually cook for my family and friends and they all seem to enjoy them very much. Seeing them happy eating what I have cooked makes me want to cook even more, I would love to cook for you all the typical Italian dishes that you have never tried before! During this year far from home I want to became more independent and learn how to take care of myself, grow as a person, experience and learn new things. Became stronger and more open-minded about everything. In conclusion I know that this year will change me and teach me a lot, I will try my best to be the great daughter I know I am. Thank you so much for hosting me! Sara

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