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Dear Host Family, first of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter. My name is Alessandro and I’m an Italian teenager. My name comes from “Alexandros” and it means “defender of the people”. I can't believe I'm finally writing this letter! These words will finally allow me to find such wonderful people as you that, hosting me for a year, will help me realizing my dream: improving my English in a huge way and becoming a perfect American boy. I am a very kind, sweet, sociable and determined person. I love to make people around me smile and help them if something is wrong. I’ll always find a way to cheer you up and make you laugh. But what about my family? I was born in Italy and I grew up there too, with my parents and my twin sister. I love them with all my heart. My sister and I are very close as being twin we grew up together and have many interests in common, so we spend a lot of time together. I spent my childhood like every kid in my neighbourhood, playing with my friends, going to school and doing sports. I'm very active and in my free time I like doing activities. I’ve always loved sport. My favourite one is football, but unfortunately I have never been able to play it because in Italy it is not a very famous sport. If possible, I would love to be part of my American school's football team. Here in Italy I have been playing tennis for eight years now. I am currently attending a scientific high school. Scientific subjects have always fascinated me although they are a bit difficult to understand at times, but I don't get discouraged and I try to give my best. I've always been a good student and I put a lot of effort into my studies. Once I’ve graduated, I’ll definitely go to university. I’ve been in the USA many years ago with my family. I went to Orlando, obviously to see some theme parks like universal studios, Miami and finally to the Bahamas. I've travelled a lot, but that was definitely the best trip of my life. I just fell in love with the US, so as soon I heard the possibility to become an exchange student I applied immediately. Back to the university talk, I would like a lot to study criminology or economics and business since I like them a lot. When I have some free time, especially on weekends, I like to hang out with my friends. We really enjoy going to the cinema or having lunch together and talk about what's going on in our life and what's new. We often get a cold soft drink or an ice cream, especially during summer. My family and I often go shopping together to get a little break from work and school. Oh, I almost forgot, I love listening to music and watching films. I don't have a favourite genre of music: I like rap, pop, reggaeton... everything! Basically, I spend most of the time listening to music! As a good Italian, I really like cooking. Maybe when I’ll be in America I can cook Italian dishes for you, so that you’ll know a little bit of my culture, too! And, obviously, I love traveling! During this year, I’d like to become more independent, grow as a person and learn new things. I wish I’ll feel part of your family, and you’ll be proud of me, so this experience won’t be amazing just for me, but also for you. I have just to say a big, fat, "thank you" if you choose me, because you’ll make my dreams come true, and you’ll be part of them. Thank you so much for hosting me! See you soon! Alessandro

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