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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for willing to participate in the exchange program and accepting me to live with your family. I am a French girl. I like to try new things and I want to explore the world, including America. I want to learn about the American culture and make you discover my own. I love playing video games. I enjoy doing water-sports, such as surfing, wake-boarding and kayaking. I speak different languages: French, a little Spanish and I’m looking forward to become fluent in English. At home, I usually watch series in the original version with French subtitles (since I was 10). I am a very kind and hard-worker person, I like to do my best in everything I do. But sometimes, I like to do nothing and be lazy. I love listening to music. I like animals. I am interested in trying other things and joining sports clubs at school. In France, I am in a boarding school, so I live in the High School during the week. On Wednesday, I don’t have classes in the afternoon so I participate in a kayaking club. I love this sport, it’s very cool and fun because I’m with some good friends of mine. I have two sisters and two dogs. I have one older sister and one younger sister years old. My dad is a French notary and he loves doing things by himself. He also loves surfing, even if he doesn’t have a lot of time because of his work. He speaks English very well. My mom is a dentist and she loves walks in the nature. She also loves to make us happy with her amazing cooking skills. She always cooks our favorites meals and do shopping with us sometimes. I love my dogs so much, they are so adorable and cute. We are a close family and I’m hoping to become a part of your family as well. I have a lot of friends in my high school. They are so fun and I love spending time with them. I love travelling; since I am a child my parents brought me and my sisters in a lot of different countries like Brazil, Greece, Egypt, Mauritius Island and also New York City. I want to do this program and become an exchange student to share my culture and discover yours. I also want to discover new places and meet people. I thinks it’s important to speak English to travel all around the world so I want to speak English fluently. My older sister, Judith, has been in the USA for 10 months the last school year. In the future I would like to study medicine to become an orthodontist. I would also like to travel a lot. I am excited to get to know you. Thank you to give me the opportunity to stay in your family for 1 year. Warm Regards, Esther

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judith (17) adele (14)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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