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's Letter

Dear host family, Thank you in advance for being willing to participate in the exchange program and for accepting me to live with your family. I am an outgoing, creative and curious girl. I love to try new things and I love to explore the world. I am very happy to have also seen a good part of it, thanks to my parents. I can't wait to cross the ocean and visit America. I have many hobbies and many passions. I love to cook, I love to prepare many dishes such as risotto or pasta, however, my passion is pastry. Another thing I love to do is sports. In fact, all year round, I go to the gym and practice weight lifting. Unfortunately, only in the summer, I can practice the other sport I love: scuba diving. I speak three different languages, Italian, English and Spanish, and I can't wait to improve with English. Here in Italy I also love helping the community of my city, in fact about three times a week I tutor a little boy who does not have the possibility to pay a real teacher but needs help with homework in math, English and Spanish. I created a good relationship with him. During the rest of my free time, I often go to help my grandmother with cleaning on weekends. She has a hard time doing housework and therefore she needs someone to help her. I hope to be able, also in America, to lend a hand to the community in which I will find myself. I live with my mom and dad, both commercial agents. My dad loves sport and with him I love diving and cycling but also on foot. With my mom, on the other hand, I love to cook and go for walks in nature. In addition, my family is made up of my older brother, he is nineteen and attends university. He is a very nice guy and we get along very well. As a family, we often travel, go skiing or go to warm places, far from Italy. The Italian culture is very beautiful but I can't wait to discover the American one. I am happy that we will share our traditions. I want to show what we eat in Italy, cook a pizza, pasta alla Bolognese, Carbonara or Cacio e pepe and finally, why not, conclude with a tiramisu or a soft apple pie. Another thing that characterizes me is my passion for the holidays, especially for Halloween and Christmas. Already in November, together with my mother, we start with the preparations for Christmas. The tree, the preparation of gift packages and the drafting of the menu for the dinner. We usually celebrate it at my house so we take care of all the preparations, I love doing it. Usually on the evening of December 25th, after having opened the presents and after having eaten the panettone, we play bingo and enjoy the cinnamon and soft orange cookies that I prepare the day before. Last Christmas we also created the frosted ones in the shape of a snowflake, a tree and Santa Claus. These holidays put me in a good mood. The wonderful photos of the American houses set up are wonderful. I hope to be able to see them live and to take pictures with my new family and friends. I am excited and incredulous to start this experience. Thank you for hosting me. Sincerely, Sara

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Italian (native), English (9 years), Spanish (3 years)



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commercial agent


Riccardo (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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