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Dear Host Family, My name is Federica, I am an Italian girl; for years I have had the dream of becoming an exchange student in the USA. I decided to start this journey because I believe it is a great opportunity for growth and it can help me becoming more independent and face new challenges, for example taking a plane alone. My biggest goal is to learn to speak English well, because it fascinates me a lot as a language and it is one of the main languages in the world. I chose the USA because I have been there twice in the past. Both places were amazing, they surprised me a lot and introduced me to many things about Americans. For example I was surprised by the fact that they are all very kind and willing to help people even if they don’t know you. I am a very outgoing and selfless girl, when someone is in need I am one of the first who tries to help. I am a very open and sociable type, I like to hang out with friends and share experiences with them. My family and I have a wonderful relationship, I live with my parents, 2 brothers and a sister, all older, but for about two years my older sister and brother have not lived with us anymore because they have been away to study and for work reasons. I live in a community of families, we all have a friendly relationship as well as being neighbors and we spend time together, especially in the summer when we all have lunch or dinner together. A very important event in my life was when my neighbors' daughter was born. She is the smallest in the community and she is the first and only one that I have seen growing up since the beginning. I remember very well the day she was born, I was doing a girl scout activity and my mom picked me up and we went to see her at the hospital. I attend high school and I have a very nice group of classmates. I’m very close with my classmates and this helps me a lot to experience school at its best. In addition to the relationship between my classmates, I also have a good relationship with the professors who are very friendly and helpful. In particular with my math teacher who made me love the subject, which is still my favorite. In the future I would like to go to university and study to become a vet. It is a job that 've been thinking about since I was little as I have always loved animals. In addition to Italian and English I studied Spanish in middle school, but now I don't study it anymore and I don't speak it, although I am very interested in it as a language. I have been practicing artistic gymnastics for more than 8 years, but last year I decided to give it up to dedicate my time more to studying. I spent most of my free time playing this sport, so now that I no longer practice it I can focus more on my studies and I can find more time for my hobbies. This year I started going to the gym with a close friend of mine, so I can try to keep fit, but artistic gymnastics will remain forever in my heart. I hope you decide to welcome me in your home. Thank you for hosting me! Federica.

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Mattia (26) Cristina (24) Marco (19)

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