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Dear Host Family,   I am very happy that you take time to read my letter. My name is Lea, I am French and I'm in High School. I live in a little village in the French country side. A home we are four :  - My Dad, Jean-Marc is a trade. He loves his job and travel a lot during the week. - My mum, Emmanuelle works as a computer scientist and she likes travelling. - My younger sister, Chloé. We are very closed and we laugh a lot together. She rides horse and she practice competion. I have a very good relationship with my parents. They let me my liberty and my independence because they trust in me. We have a flat at the seaside where I spend a lot of time during the school vacation with my family. I enjoy going to the beach and to the fun fair. When I'm not with my family, I am with my friends. I love to go out with them during week-end. Sometimes we go eating fast-food, sometimes we go to see a sports competition and sometimes we just go at home for chatting, watching movies, doing Tik Tok. In France, I take the school bus to go to school, so I have to wake up early, and my mother brings my sister and I to the bus stop. I have school from 8am to 5pm. After school, I also take the bus back and when I am home I do my homework, take a shower and sometimes i prepare dinner for my family. I love cooking ! Last year, I practiced badminton, but since September, I changed to play volleyball on Wednesday afternoon and to go to the sports center several times a week. I love cooking, reading books,  playing board games, shopping, watching movies/series, seeing my friends, spending time with my family, traveling, swimming... However, you have to know that I don't like skiing neither doing thrill ride and I am really afraid of sailings but i can try!   I am a very outgoing, creative, funny and fun-loving person. I like doing a little bit sport but I am not very sporty. I hope to join sport team in America or a club in my High School. I think I am very open minded. I love spending time with my family but sometime I need my privacy. At home, we have pets : A dog named Leslie, 8 years old and 4 hens giving us good eggs every days. We also had cats and hamster. Thank you for reading my letter. Thank you very much if you decide to welcome me in your family. I am really sure that we will spend a fantastic year together. I have so many things to learn about American culture and way of life. I can wait to meet you! Take care,   Léa

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French (native), English (4 years), Italian (3 years)



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Chloé, Jeanne, Catherine (14)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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