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Dear host family, My name is Daniela. I´m so excited and nervous about going to the United States to spend there about 10 months. It kind of scares me, but it is a challenge to me. I have separated parents and with my father I like to play tennis and with my mother I love to go to see beautiful places in the city. I love to travel, and last September I was so lucky because I went with my mother and my friends to Mexico and it was incredible, I just loved it! I have family on my father's side in the Canary Islands, an island in Spain and I have my uncles and cousins there, I see them not very often and that is sad, but this Christmas I will see them, and I am very excited. I love them very much, even though I barely see them. Back in the 80s, my mother also spent a year in the United States, and she did her senior year in the state of Maine with a host family. She has always told us, my brothers and me, about her experience there, and that it was without a doubt one of the best years she has had in her life. Now, I´m the one who is planning to go to the States, to live the same experience, and I can't believe it. I would love to be able to create strong bonds of friendship with my host family that will last for many years, just like my mother has with her host family 33 years ago. She keeps in touch with her American sister, who lives in San Francisco, and this summer I was with her for a month and a half, making good friends with her daughter, Sidney, who is my age. She will be coming to my house next year during summer, and I can´t wait to see her again. I think that creating these bonds that last so long and continue to the next generations is something super nice. I would really love to have a family with girls about my age, because I have always wanted to have a sister, but if not, it will be ok anyway. I´m an active girl, who loves to meet people and places, and love to share my experiences with my loved ones. I love to play tennis, I have been playing tennis for 6 years, and also going shopping and going out with my friends. I also love to travel around and to meet new countries and cities. I am very lucky to be able to fulfill one of my dreams, which is to live the American life for a year, with the atmosphere of a High School, sports activities and everything related to it. I would love to be able to practice new sports at HS, and to try new subjects taught by the HS and that cannot be taken in Spain. I really like to be accompanied by people like my friends and my family and some moments to be alone, but they are usually few. I am always willing to do something, and I sign up for any plan. I really like music; I listen to different types of music all day long. I love making plans for girls like the simple fact of putting on makeup and getting ready with music to go out and the typical plans for girls. I consider myself as a funny girl and quite sociable with everyone. I am outgoing and have no problem socializing with people. I also like to take walks around the city or through beautiful places. I'm excited to live this experience and I think it's going to be good since I don't have many problems with English., I hope to be able to improve my English a lot, because I would love to be able to communicate as I am with others, and the day of tomorrow, to be able to travel all over the world, and with a good level of English and with my mother tongue, Spanish, I will be able to communicate in almost all countries. I'm a good student and I don't have much trouble studying. I think that I can make many friends and I hope to have a good relationship with almost everyone. Well, I just want to tell you that I can´t wait to meet you, and I really hope that all of us will have an awesome experience together. Thanks for the opportunity. Kind regards, Daniela

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